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Can't Clip Jedi's Nails

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I bought a small pair of nail clippers to keep Jedi's nails trimmed. I was able to complete this task only once, when he was sound asleep.

Even now, if he is sleeping and I try to clip his nails, he will wake up and he absolutely freaks out! He will squirm and flail all around and try to nip at me to get me to stop!

The last time he was at the vet, they told me they weren't able to clip his nails, as requested, because he was too "unruly".

I was very upset with this reaction. This is a veterinary hospital. Do they not know how to control an animal properly to groom him?

Needless to say, even though he has a nice scratching post, his nails are extremely long at this point and he is doing MAJOR damage to my arms and hands when I play with him! I know he does not mean to gouge me, but he does...and it HURTS!

Does anyone have ANY suggestions as to how I can clip his nails safely? When he squirms and flails, Mike will try to hold him but I am so afraid with him moving around so much that I will clip the nail too short.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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They may be able to accomplish what the vet couldn't! After all this is what they do day in and day out.

Sometimes the kitty will settle down if they are blind folded. I cut the top off a sock to do this. It seems to be just the right size to fit snug but not choke.

I wish you luck, let me know when you find something that works!
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I had a similar problem. One of my kittens would really freak out but the other one would just try to eat the clippers. I would get down on the ground with them while they are laying down or sleeping and kind of rest my chest over them so they couldn't escape. Has the same effect as say wrapping them in a towel to give them medicine or something. I would just grab a paw and hold it firm and get to clipping. They would struggle a little but they really can't go anywhere. If they struggle too much I back off and finish in a few minutes. After it's done they get a treat. I don't have too much trouble doing it at all anymore.
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DragonLady...I would take him to a groomer but I was hoping to save the $10-15 they all charge for clipping! But the blindfold idea might be worth a try...thanks!

Jason...thanks for your suggestion, I will certainly try that, maybe with Mike's help. I'll have him lay on Jedi while I try to clip. Hopefully it will work! Maybe I'll blindfold him AND lay on him!
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Well, have you thought about sanding his nails instead? Maybe he'd take to that better. Does he not like the clipping part, or does he dislike it when you touch his paws period?

I've trimmed cats with all different personalities for these things. Even on the cat from H#LL!!!

What about using those nail cap thingies? What are they called? LOL.

I trim my cats claws 1+ times per week, and there is always a few or more on each cat that get SOOO long and SOOO sharp every week. I only get hurt by them on accidents, if they are trying to jump on me, but they miss judge the gap.

Another recommendation is to teach your cat to be more gentle when you play.
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Nick and I work as a team.....

I'm sitting in a chair holding Cooper by the chest... her feet point up.

In one hand I hold a treat....I let her lick it (DONT' GIVE IT UP)

Nick snips... very fast (don't cut past the pink part - you can see this in their nails!)

All done!

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Have you ever massaged his paws and got him use to you handling them? The reason I ask is in my experience cat's seem to be protective of their paws.

The first thing I was told was to start a daily ritual of handling their paws, even if for only short periods 1-2 times a day.A good time to do this is when they are dopey and ready for a nap. Always praise them and a little treat wouldn't hurt. You want them to think that when you have to cut their nails there will be a positive experience that will also happen (ie: treat). When they are use to this, then start clipping one nail at a time. You may only be able to clip one nail per session, but slowly this will get better. Your best bet would be to do this slowly over a long duration.

You don't want to overwhelm them and hold them down and cut all of them at once (if your cat is totally freaked). Your cat may see this as a very negative experience and therefore run when you start the process!

I've done this with Nakita and it worked really well. Nakita has a beautiful temperment overall so probably this also helps.I have never played with Nakita using my hands, only with toys. Maybe this also has something to do with it.

And what clippers are you using?? I have a pair of pet scissors that are dull at the end, and have a hole where the nail fits through. I find them the easiest to use.

Good luck!

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It usually takes me a couple days to get all of Fred's nails cut. He will let me get 1 or 2, then he freaks out. He did a little better today, when he was laying on the bed with me, and we did them a little at the time. He has big, thick claws, and are hard to cut. I started rubbing Georgia's paws when she was very small, telling her she was a good girl, giving treats. I cut her nails for the first time yesterday, and she laid there like a litle lady getting a maincure.
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My biggest cat hates having hers cut, and I don't do them all that often since she doesn't have any scratching issues. But when I do do them ( about once every 2 months) I wrap her completely in a blanket and leave her two front paws out. Then I sit on the couch w/ her ,and sort of pin her between my hip and the back. I don't push too hard, just enough to keep her from escaping. She can't squirm away this way, and she isn't able to really attack me. She doesn't love it, but she doesn't flip out either. I think not being able to see does have a calming effect. I can cut all of the claws in less than a minute then she gets free and gets a treat.

This has worked for me for 2 years, I don't get injured, she doesn't get injured and the furniture gets saved!!
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I also do the "kitty burrito" technique, when all else fails.
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I also use the wrapping method. However I get two things done at once by cutting the nails right after a bath when the cats are wrapped anyway on their way to the dryer. They are all wrapped and I can cut the nails in about two to three minutes and its all done. It doesnt give them a chance to get worked up.
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