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My Cat is pulling my hair out!! WHY??

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Lately my cat has been pulling my hair from the scalp of my head with his teeth and it really hurts. He's always had his weird habits but I can't understand why he is doing this new one. I love my cat but even the vets can't seem to understand why he does some of the things he does. Like when he's mad or he wants something his eyes will go all black with a small green ring on the outside and he will growl and jump on me and bite and scratch. Or he won't let me out of the house unless I give him pounce treats before I go. He will literally play dead in front of the door and I can't move him. And if I close one of my doors he freaks out because he can't see me. I grew up around dogs so I'm not quite sure if this is normal or not so if anyone can help me I would be forever grateful! Thanks!
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I'll move this to the behaviour forum
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My cat does the same thing.
It started a year or more after I got her. In the morning, when she wanted me up she started sitting on my head and yanking my hair at the roots. It is a very effective way to get me up. (She usually resorts to this after her other, less torments, fail).

This is the only time she does it.

They all seem to have their own tactics to get us up. My old cat would sit on my full bladder and push into it...until I cried "Uncle!" and got up.
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He's not Radar's brother is he?

I don't know whether it's normal as such, but it's certainly not unusual. There was a rash of threads a couple of months back about cats eating hair, and both mine do it (Radar much more painfully than Sonic though), so you're not the only one.

You could try finding a shampoo that he doesn't like the taste of maybe? Something citrusy may be an idea, many cats aren't keen on citrus.
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I have a Mother cat and her grown kittens. Thats how they all groom each other. Pull hair, lick, pull hair lick.

They do that to me sometimes, too. My hair, my eyebrows and my eyelashes
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I had a kitten who would groom and "flea" my head like that! Fortunately, after a few pulls, she got tired of all that long hair in her teeth and gave up. But then she would do the nibble, nibble, lick, lick, pull, pull all over again...
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First - the hair pulling I think is something some cats do, like grooming. Consider it a compliment, but dont let him do it. My cat started when he was a baby pulling my hair out. I thought it was cute, but now he's big. Luckily I stopped him. Any time he tries, I just pick him up and move him to my lap.
Second- the playing dead thing. yea, dont feed into that, its just manipulative behavior that will get worse. If he wont move, just pick him up, scruff him if you have to, but dont give him a treat to move, you're just conditioning him to do it again. try getting him some new toys and playing with him. He might feel neglected.
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One of my cats just loves hair. He doesn't pull it but he loves to bury his nose it it. Mine is long so he really likes to get into it but he does the same thing to my husband too.
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