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They are going Crazy at night!

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I just got a new (older) kitty over the week end. Smokey is 7 years old and my other kitty Brian is about 9-10 months. Since I've gotten Smokey they are up all night! It's driving me up a wall because they are in my room doing it. If I kick one of them out the other is crying to come in. I think I saw Brian trying to mount him last night. Their both fixed. I hate to get rid of Smokey but for one its not fair that he is being picked on all night and I am in my 8th month of pregnancy with a 16 month old daughter already. The people I got him from said alot of people would like to have him. What should I do. I thaught it would be a nice idea for Brian to have a friend but I cant take only 3-4 hours of sleep at night because of the cats, I will have enough sleep loss in less than a month. Please what should I do?
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Check out this link:

Good luck, and keep us informed!
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Do you play with the kitties before bed? Get them all wound up, that way they will be sleepy when you are sleeping. Also give them some catnip before bed could work. Catnip gets them all hyper then they crash after the high wears off. Our kitties take long naps after they've sniffed some nip. So are just a couple things I can think of right now. Also, feeding them before bed works too, full tummys make them sleepy.
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What else did you expect? Brian is happy to have a friend. Smokey is glad to be in a loving home. Cats are most active at night. I am not surprised things turn out the way they did. Why not just let both out of the room at night? They may complain the first few nights but they'll settle down in time.
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