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How to decide where to volunteer????

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I want to volunteer at one of my local rescue organizations, but I can't decide which one!! I know they could both use my time, but I just don't know which to choose. I have it narrowed down to two, The Cat Care Society and Max Fund.

Both are no-kill shelters. One is slightly closer to my home/work, but neither are that far away. One has more exposure than the other, I found it as they are giftwrapping presents at Borders for donations to their shelter.

Here are the two I think I've narrowed it down to:



Any help would be appreciated!
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They both look really good! Is there one that sounds more fulfilling to you? For some reason Max Fund would be the one I would choose, if it were me.

That's great you are going to help!
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I think they both sound good, and that is so nice of you to want to volunteer to help them!!!!
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I would probably choose the one that gets less exposure as they are probably the ones that need more assistance. But go with your heart!
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I'm really torn about this. Hubby votes for Cat Care Society, which is closer to home and gets less exposure. Did you see their virtual tour? The place is awesome for those cats!!

At the same time, Max Fund is a bigger operation, and one of the things you can volunteer for is socializing ferals which means that they do take them in. Big bonus points for that in my book. It looks like I would be able to spend more time with the cats there rather than just doing administrative stuff.

Maybe I'll stop by one or both this weekend and see what the atmosphere is like...
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Heidi - if one took ferals and the other didn't, I go volunteer at the one that takes in ferals. Are both Shelters actively accepting cats? The shortest waiting list in our area is four months! Our outside cats have been turned away from so many doors - and some of the people have been downright nasty. Given my experience, I'd talk to both places first. If they both take ferals, then I'd go with the one that gets less exposure. But in my book, the most important thing is who gets the cats adopted better - not just timewise, but screening wise as well. I'd call both places and "interview" them to find out what the turnover is, how long the cats are usually with them before being places, what the adoption screening process is, etc. etc. and make my decision after having that info. It might come down to simply being a matter of one being nice and taking the time to talk to you, and one not! You'd be surprised at what goes on at places that are supposed to be saving animals. I was shocked at some of the responses I got from no-kill shelters.

Good Luck! (And let us know which one you picked!)
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