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Cat problem - can anyone help?

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A beautiful little cat has taken to visiting me every day and she really is sweet but she's discovered she can climb on my porch and jump in through the bedroom window. I don't let her stay in over night as she obviously lives somewhere and is very well looked after (I don't feed her either but I do give her a drink). The problem is she now sits on the porch at night crying to come in and she is so loud! I had to let her in last night purely because of the noise she was making. I bought some pepper dust and sprinkled it around the base of the post she climbs up and on the porch itself but it isn't working (I suspect I bought the wrong thing). Can anyone suggest a way I can stop her doing this as she's driving me nuts and my husband is going mad! We're not getting any sleep (yawn) as she's either crying or climbing in (she sits on the windowsill crying if the window is closed). Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
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Hello and welcome to the site - well I'm afraid that as you have shown some interest in the little kitty, she has decided to attach herself to you If shes been in your house, she will recognise her own scent there too. So it might be a bit difficult now.

Have you asked any of your neighbours if they know who owns the cat. Maybe you could check at the local vets, they may recognise the cat or know of someone who has lost one. The vet might also suggest that you take her in to see if she has one of those micro-chips, which of course, if she does they will be able to locate the owner.

Its is a shame, it sounds like shes just a little lost kitty trying to find her home or a loving place.

Keep us posted on what you decide to do.
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She's more than welcome here anytime. She is such a lovely little thing and she's so kissy and huggy and loving - if she'd only stop the crying at night then she'd be perfect! Hubby suggested removing her legs but I don't think that's the answer! I'm going to put a paper collar on her with my phone number to see if anyone gets in touch. The problem is that she wants to sleep on the bed on my legs or head. I let her in this morning (very early morning) and put her outside the bedroom with the door closed and she just sat outside crying. Is there anything I can put around the base of the post she climbs up that wouldn't be dangerous to her or other animals?
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Oh right, I didn't realise that she might be a permanent feature at your house

Maybe you could put a plant of some sort so she cant get to the post.
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A plant! Genius - I've got a fairly new pyracantha which will probably be OK to move. Fingers crossed. Off to do it now
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