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Still needing a name

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Well you wont believe this but he still does not have a name. His sister I had named before she even came home...her name is Tia - greek for princess.
He is such a wonderful cat...I have shown my fiance all the other names that you guys have thought of....but none really seem to be him.
Just to give you an idea on his personality...he is very playful, quizative, and loves to be loved on. Purrs like you wouldnt believe. But, seeing how my finace was the only guy in the house until "baby" showed up, I think we need a "manly" name.
Here are a few new pics of him. He is 8weeks and 1day old today. Tia is the solid black one.
*taking a nap

my 7yr old daughter -he will sleep anywhere!

both of them in the middle of my headboard with the controls

he was playing with my shoe strings..must of wore him out

Taking a nap after watching the birds go by

Most of the pics of him sleeping - he wont sit still long enough to get an awake pose.

**My fiance does have a name for him - which I dont like...was cute at first... Ever seen the movie "Meet the Parents or Meet the Fockers"....well earlier this week Al was doing something and baby came up and wrapped his body around and bit his ankle...well...he called him a little f 'er. So, my comment was there ya go, that can be his name! Ugh! I guess I should of kept my mouth shut. Good thing is that he doesnt call him the F word but calls him Focker instead. You should hear my 7 year old try to say it...doesnt always come out correctly....
I just dont want to have a cat for the next 15-25 years running around and me calling out Focker, looking for him.
So, please anyone...give me some good ones, I need to get this taken care of as soon as possible. Something short and a 7 year old can say it.
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Call him sleepy! LOL
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Now dont get me wrong...he doesnt sleep all the time. Seems like his naps are actually getting shorter. I will get some "action" shots tonight so you can see him awake.
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He doesn't like the name Samson? That's a nice strong name - very manly
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What about Quizno. Ok I am prob not good at cat names since mine is Camaro which is named after a car. Hope he gets a name soon he is a cutie.
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Here's a great site that will help you find the perfect name:
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What about Aries or Zephyr?
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My kitty is called snoozle if thats any help...
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How about Tornado? Oreo? Mr. TopCat?
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How about a greek name too?

Achilles, Adonis, Hamon (faithful one), Hermes, Icarus, Jace, Theron (the hunter!), or Zander (the protector/helper of mankind)

I really like Tibalt. It would go with his sisters name of Tia really well sicn eit means "the people's prince" and he's your little prince :3
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hmmm, I guess I'm not sure what makes a manly name, but here's a few I like
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Well, as little and sleepy (and adorable) as he is, he still looks like a born adventurer to me.

Maybe you could call him Indiana Jones -- Indy for short. So you'd have Tia and Indy, both short names, but sounding different enough that the kittens can easily tell them apart.
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How about Bandit? My friend had a cat with almost the same facial markings...and he turned out to be the thief of the house. He would run off with everything. Ok, maybe that isn't a good name but I still think it's cute!
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How about Taurus for the month he was born? I like the Greek names another member posted, too
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hummm he looks like a Gizmo or Enzo to me
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Apollo? Fits with the Greek theme...
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I love the Meet the Parents films, like REALLY love them, but whoa is that an inappropriate name to have with a little kid needing to say it!!!

I agree with going with the greek theme.

I had so much trouble naming one of my kitties a long time ago, that I just named him "kitty" since that's pretty much what I called him. Strange how certain ones can just stump you.
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