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Strange Night Time Behaviour

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Hello all. I am new to this site!! I was wondering if anyone had any advice please!

I have a 2 year old half persian cat call Tallulah-Bear. She is the most loving, adorable cat... she's my best mate!!!

I am single and live on my own (best way!!) and Tallulah-Bear sleeps next to me on her blanket at the head of the bed. She has lived with me for 18 months now and this has always been the case.

I am a bit concerned at the moment though because she has started to act very strangely at night - she doesn't come to bed anymore... and seems very hyperactive in the middle of the night. She also makes strange 'meow-ing' noises in the middle of the night... She makes she she makes all the noise she can (playing with her toys with bells on .. or jumping on plastic bag that makes noise)...

Does anyone have any idea why she would have started to suddenly behave like this? I thought she might be on heat but its the first time she's been like this...

Can anyone offer some advice please?

Many thanks if anyone can reply.

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Hello and welcome to the site

Well as you know cats are mainly nocturnal animals and come alive during the hours of dark.
Heres a link from the Cat Behaviour Forum, hopefully you'll get some tips and ideas about how to address this issue.

Another reason is that if she is not spayed she will want to go out and find a mate, the urge is very strong indeed and she will start all sorts of antics to get out. Its advisable to get her spayed, this will stop some of her 'strange' behaviour and of course stop the chance of any unwanted pregnancies.

Good luck and keep us posted !
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Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. I did have a good look around this site at lunch time... fab site!!! And I came across some helpful info!!

Just to cover a couple of your points, because she is half persian, she is a house cat and yes she has been spayed!

THanks again x
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