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If anyone was wondering....

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I am still alive.
I am at my parents (Dial up connecting at 26.4 Kbps) and have not been around much. I hate being in the boonies for lack of highspeed alone.

News in my life is that Kyra the puppy thinks Duke is a walking meowing puppy for her to play with. Duke has survived the licking, nuzzeling, being slept on and the occasional playfight attacks so far (He needs the excersise) However Kyra if she get to the size we think she is going to be Duke may somday in the not to distant future be a grease stain on the carpet. (Kyra is Yellow lab Alaskan Malimute mix = BIG DOG) Kyra also thinks that Sibohan is deamon spawn from hell and I think Sibohan likes it this way. They ignore eachother until one ventures too near, then the hissing starts and the puppy runs and hides under mom's feet.

I am off to a wake and funeral this week. My Cousin's husband had a massive heart attack on Monday night and passed away he was only 57. She is devistated they have been together for 15 years.

I am still in the process of moving out of my appartment in the city, only a few more boxes and I'm done the little stuff then it's up to the movers to get the big stuff. I have heard nothing on the job front and nothing from unemployment so I have no money. I hate being broke.

Other than that life is on the up and up. I might not be online as much because of the dial up but I will check in from time to time.

Be good all my kittyparents. *HUGS*
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Great to hear from you and that you're doing well. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin's husband.

That's hilarious about Duke and Kyra...we may need pictures for proof

Don't be a stranger!!!
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I'm glad to hear that things are as good for you as could be expected. Glad to hear that the kitties and Kyra are all doing ok, standing ground or not. Keep in touch when it is possible.
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I am sorry sorry about your cousin's husband. That is entirely too young. My thoughts and prayers going out to her at this time. I could not even imagine.
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