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So excited!

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I just got back from taking the kids to watch dh play softball and I found Ginger laying in her nesting box. Yeah. I set out the nesting boxes a week ago and until now she's shown no interest in them. However my male cat has. LOL. She's back in it now. Taz and Ginger are getting along well now. When we first brought Ginger home, Ginger wanted Taz to love on her, but he pretty much ignored her. A few days ago he tried to love on her and she slapped him. Today they were both cuddling each other and she even gave him a kiss. Taz is neutered so there wont be any chance of him getting her pregnant after she has the kittens. She will be spayed as soon as it's safe to do so.
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Yea! It's always good to see them actually like what you have made/provided for them !
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