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I know there have been a lot but I can't remember them all that specifically... My mom has awful taste

On thing I do remember is when BF and I first started going out... It was the first birthday of mine that we were celebrating together. The first present that he handed me to open turned out to be a 5-pack of lighters , the next a HUGE bottle of lighter fluid , and the next was this stupid bear that some girl he had been dating earlier in the year gave him. He was saying that I could burn it since it meant nothing to him -- I thought it was wierd and sweet at the same time. I had gotten mad at him for not only keeping the bear (it said "Someone at St. John's loves me"), but bringing it with him in the move to my house for the Summer. I never actually burned the thing but it made me feel much better, is that wierd?

Anyway, he totally made up for the bad gift by giving me some lovely candles and a beautiful past, present, future necklace, which I now wear everyday
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Right before me and my ex broke up, he gave me a ring for Christmas..I almost died when I opened it because I thought it was an engagement ring which I obviously didn't want
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My granny is 71 now and absolutely loves giving me little gifts when I come home to ride (our horses are on her farm land). She's orginally from Italy and her family always made their own clothes, naturaly she thinks that I would love knitted clothing. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's fun to wear knitted things but I'm young and it's not the "hip thing" to wear. So anyway, this winter she spent a lot of time doing some fancy knit work on a royal blue vest, a VEST! I have never worn a vest, nor am I going to wear one anytime soon. I thanked her for the vest and told her it was beautiful, the stiching was beautiful so it wasn't technically a lie....
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Almost every Xmas my step- mother gives a set of coffee cups.She knows that neither I nor my husband drink coffee. And each year I give them to the thrift shop!Why would anyone keep giving some one coffee cups when they don't drink coffee or tea ?
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These are all great! LOL

It sure is hard to pretend you like it sometimes isn't it?

You gotta wonder what they were thinkin when they bought it....

What's the worst gifts you've seen other people receive? My mom used to get ugly used sweaters from her former MIL!

My grandma used to buy movies for us from rummage sales that no one ever heard of! Now she just buys stuff for my kitties. They use the dishes she bought them, the beds, and blankets! Adopting them was such a great idea! I got used to getting those huge makeup things with all the horrible colors for awhile.

My mom has gotten me inspirational bible stories and a bible calender wven though I am in no way religious! She is, and she expects everyone to share her beliefs...
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Originally Posted by JellyBella View Post
Not me, but a coworker's wife...he is not one that strikes me as "thoughtful", on top of this he is a first class corporate bean counter, so his idea of a "gift" is not exactly the norm. He proudly announced that he had gotten an early Mother's day gift for his wife. We all smiled and congratulated him for his thoughtfullness until someone asked him what he got her...a SUMP PUMP.

His reasoning was that their old one was on it's last legs and it was better to replace than repair Aparently he thought he'd give his wife the gift of a dry basement. Further inquiry revealed that she doesn't like to go into the basement at all We told him to get her some flowers to go with that
HAHAHA that man sounds exactly like my dad. My mom was complaining around the end of november around 2 years ago that the water heater was too old and didn't hold enough hot water for two consecutive baths. So hearing this my dad thought it would be a great idea to combine her birthday(in december)and christmas together and get her a new giant water heater. And he actually thought it was a great gift and couldn't understand why she was not happy about it.

Me and my family still tease him about that whenever we ask what gift he is going to get her. But he did make it up to her by buying her a gorgeous ruby necklace and matching ruby earrings. So i guess it was just a temporary lapse
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This thread is hilarious!

I've never gotten a really bad gift...the only thing that comes to mind right now are purses or clothes I didn't like...

However, for their first Christmas, my dad gave my mom a laundry basket.
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One time I was dating this guy, he was very successful and had lots of $$$ and it was about 3 weeks we were dating and he started to try to get serious with me. One night he took me to a fancy dinner and I just knew he was going to propose something, whether it be taking the relationship to the next level, whatever (we were only casually dating at the time)..

Anyway.. after dinner he ends up with this speech that he is becoming very attached to me and is starting to fall in love with me, etc, and wanted to give me something to show that he cares. Soooo.. he pulls out...


He says that he likes me so much that he wants me to live a long life and said that fish oil is good for my heart.

It was the weirdest thing ever, and I stopped dating him after, because it was SO STRANGE.
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The worst or maybe I should say most interesting gift I ever got was a box of Twinkies.

My BF at the time gave them to me for my highschool graduation. Uhh yeah. I have no idea either He said he remembered that I liked Twinkies.

First I really don't care for Twinkies that much and I doubt I ever remember raising a fuss over liking them enough to want a box of them as a present.

They were wrapped and with a card as well. I kept thinking something was hidden in the box but no it was just a plain ole 12 count box of Twinkies.

My grandmother was a funny one for gifts. She had a very bad way of wrapping gifts as she would forget to put name tags on the box. One year my mom got a wallet. A mans tri-fold wallet.

That was interesting. She didn't even act like it was a mistake she just ran with it. I guess at that point she had had enough vodka to not notice.
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I forgot about this one.
This is the bad gift that ALMOST was.
A couple of years ago, three days before my Birthday my iron just stopped heating up.
My in-laws were over for dinner and I heard Mason talking to his Mom and he told her that he didn't know what to get me for my Birthday but now that the iron was broken he thought he'd just buy me a new one.

She almost ripped him a new one...she said "Mason, I raised you better than that you NEVER buy a Woman a small appliance for a gift...ironing isn't a gift, it's a household chore."
She told him the only time it was acceptable to buy an appliance as a gift was for a Bridal shower and then only if the Bride didn't have things of that nature all ready.
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The hideous brown bra Colin gave me for Christmas two years ago
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Ted; mom gave us a Used purple bedspread for a wedding gift! I hate the color purple,except for live flowers!
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Well, it is hard to say because I care so much about the thought that comes from gifts and I'm even a bit sensitive about it even if I think the gift is frighteningly ugly.

I can think a couple, though.
From my grandma. It was a sleeveless gold woolen turtleneck sweater with glitter covered all over it. It was itchy and scratchy and horribly uncomfortable, but most of all hideous. I still keep it in my room at her house, though, and I appreciate the thought!
I sure made a huge fuss over how cute it was in front of her, though.
Hmm....dress with tomatoes all over it.
A badly fitting sleeveless shirt, black and white striped complete with plaid bows on the shoulders.
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Worst gift I ever got was a pen and calculator set - the plastic thing it was in was cracked and the pen had someone else in the familys name on it! Worst thing was the person I recieved the gift from spent about 100 bucks on gifts for other grandchildren and maybe 5 dollars on mine and my siblings so unfair
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I really had to think about this because most of the presents I've gotten have been pretty good.

One just popped into mind, though. And it was from my grandmother who always had excellent taste in clothes (even got me a red leather studded belt when I was a teen in the 80s because she knew I was into metal - how cool is that for a grandmother!). But man did she miss it one year... She got me a red, fully sequined beret and a yellow/gold, also fully sequined, stretch belt. As far as I know, that was never in good fashion taste. I could have understood it if it was 1977 instead of 1987. It was just BAD!
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HAHA my mom used to buy me movies that ive never was odd and a waste of money.

And my grandma always used to buy me weird, creepy, cheap dolls from the dollar store....until I was like, 14 LOL she also bought me weird baby books despite my age.
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