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What is the worst gift you ever received?

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Lookingglass's sweater post made me think...

What is the worst gift you ever received?

What did you end up doing with it?

I remember an ugly chicken candy dish that kept getting regifted every Christmas. I would occasionally get clothes that were no where close to fitting me.

The worst thing has been Scott's mom keeps giving me the same set of steak knives every Christmas...she has a lot of "extra" still in boxes, and last year gave me two...I already have 3!!!! Geesh! Scott said something to her and she said..."That's okay, just give them to someone else" LOL
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A magnet that says 'keep your chin up' Now had it not had words on it it would have been cute. it was a Twisted Whiskas magnet (look for them, they are REALLY funny) now because i dont work and have been going through stuff (mind you i got the magnet a few years earlier) my nana assumes i am depressed every single day of my life, and having my dad update her on my life and exaggerating things does NOT help! It was bl##dy rude of her. She may be my nan and i love her but her and my dad do not understand me at all.
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A ceramic rooster that my Grandmother gave me.
She LOVED that thing and thought everyone else should too, she brought it with her when she came to this country from Ireland.

It's the ugliest thing I've ever seen, but I couldn't break Grandma's heart so I kept it on top of my fridge.
After Grandma died I put it in the bottom of my china closet where it's hidden from view.
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My MIL knows I like really funky purses. I do... but I'm also rather picky about their funkiness.

So one year for christmas she gave me this bag that was just horrid. It's one of those that look like denim jeans wearing a belt with a beaded handle. She's way more traditional than I am (well, most are ) so I know she put a lot of thought into it and tried hard to find something weird enough for me. I really love her for the effort, but the purse just really missed the mark.

I don't know what to do with it. Its in my closet... somehow I just don't have the heart to get rid of it.
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I got a new car last year, so for my birthday DH gives me a lifetime airfilter for it. He's got this big grin on his face when I opened the thing like he just gave me a two carat diamond or something. I look at the box like :censor::censor::censor:? And he announces..."It's an air filter for your car. You NEVER have to change it." Dude! I'm thinking... I never change it anyway...you do.

I must be a guy thing, cause all the guys he mentioned it to thought it was really great too.

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LOL Your gifts sound bad...its hard to show joy in something that's just so not you.....men and grandmas don't get it sometimes!
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Oh Cinder, your husband cracks me up! Bless his heart!

Okay, my worst ever was a thank-you gift from the mother of a boy whose bar mitzvah I videotaped. The base was a chunk of gnarled, twisted wood about ten inches across and six inches high, finished with dark brown stain and layer upon layer of glossy polyurethane, so that it resembled nothing so much as a great big shiny piece of petrified poop.

Above that, sticking up on wires, was a foot-tall representation of a hot-air balloon that was supposed to look like blown glass with stripes frosted onto it -- but it was actually molded plastic, and it looked it.

Now, I am not the kind of person ever to question a gift -- someone thought of me, that's wonderful, I'm grateful, end of story. But this thing... I was just flabbergasted. I truly could not believe the degree of hideosity it represented. I thought about it for a long time, and finally concluded that the lady must have been wiped out by the expense of the bar mitzvah, and she had found this thing at a dollar store and knew me well enough to know the thought would count.

Then one day in the mall, I looked in the window of a fancy upscale gift shop, and there it was! The very same monstrosity -- with an $85 price tag!

Bless her heart... she must have actually liked the thing.
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The pumpkin sweater is headed for the top of the list, but DH has had some other odd choices in the past. The first three gifts he gave me were lamps. After the third I banned him from buying me things that plugged in. Then there was the Headless Horsemen action figure. Said action figure was given to me on Valentines Day along with flowers that made me break out in a rash. The next weird gift path we took was a dehumidifier. I then had to gently remind him that I had banned things that plugged in.

I have to say I love my husband. He is one of the kindest most loving people I've ever meant in my entire life, but his huge flaw is that he has no idea what is a "romantic" gift.
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I can't really think of any.

I look at a gift as a token of either love, appreciation or friendship and not usually as just an item. Some gifts I've gotten have had more use than some others, but that doesn't make the others "bad".

.....wait..... I just thought of one!!!!

I've mentioned my jerky ex fiance here a few times, the abusive guy...

At one point he used to sell Filter Queen vacuum cleaners and sometimes during a promotion they would give away token gifts to get in the door. One time they were giving away a set of 6 steak knives. Nothing special about them... just plain old steak knives...probably $2.99 at Walmart at that time.

He gave me a set for Christmas....and he gave a set to every member of his family for Christmas too. The steak knives were promotional tools and he wasn't even charged for them. Talk about cheap, LOL So I guess that would have to fall under the "worse"
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My narcissist mother gave me one of those woven cotton throws with a big picture of an African-American Santa Claus on it. Since we aren't Black, and the year woven on it was wrong, it was a pretty bad gift.

p.s. It was for my December birthday.
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a couple years back, my mother went shopping in a dollar store to buy us kids 'just a little something'

she bought me doilies... yes, doilies....

now, ya'll don't know me THAT well, but I asked my friends, "DO I LOOK LIKE A STINKIN' DOILY PERSON TO YOU?"

They actually topped the cheap plastic ice cream dish and spoon sets that presumably look like cows... my mother bought me a set one year... a few years later, my sister bought me another set... the exact same ones... bad taste can run in families... *le sigh*

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The only thing that sticks out is my 16th birthday. I received a card from my dad(they divorced when I was 1) with stickers of flowers, butterflies & teddy bears. I sent it back with note that I am 16 not 6. We didn't have a great relationship.
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I have received a lot of gifts I would never buy for myself. Since none of my family is well-to-do I cannot bring myself to complain about anything someone spent hard-earned money on.
For me, the most inappropriate gift was a gift exchange at the office one Christmas. A young guy drew my name. I got to open a half used candle. Talk about trying to come up with the right thing to say for that one
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The worst I ever got was from my boyfriend in college. It was Valentine's day, and he gave me a bag of pouperrie (?) and....a bar of deoderent soap. I just looked at him and said "are you trying to tell me something?" He said, "well you got my sister soap for Christmas". Now, I got her a little gift basket with bath soap, lotion, bath beads...you know what I'm talking about.

Bless his heart, he THOUGHT he was doing good! That is probably my worst, and one of my most favorite presents. I laughed my butt off! (note...he did buy me a gorgeous emerald ring for Christmas so he was forgiven!)
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I have told this before but I'll tell it again, many years ago when my 1st DH was alive he knew how I was at Christmas he would wrap my gifts and I would unwrap them and see what they were and re wrap them. So he pulled a good one on me he got me 6 quarts of oil and an oil filter And when I opened that thing I thought WTH is this From that point on I didn't sneak a peek anymore
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As a take off on the Pumpkin sweater, lets have more fun with other gifts we've gotten (or family members got).

DH's mother is notorious about giving bad gifts.

For his sister, one Christmas she picked out this hidious lime green/white checkered nitegown for her daughter cause mom thought it would look sexy! DH's sister about died - the brothers and her husband started calling her "Edith Bunker".........lmbo The nitegown looked like a picnic table cloth!

And she recently gave me a pair of open backed slippers with pink hearts. Now the slippers were not all that bad; except for the fact that I take a very small shoe size and the slippers were at least twice as big if not more. Plus I hate the open backed slippers. It was more of her style of slippers and her size too.

One time she gave her one grandson a jar of peanut butter for Christmas cause he liked peanut butter. He was about 8 or 9 yrs old at the time.

And for some reason she gets upset if you don't wear or use the stuff.....
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My ex was a bad gift giver. He bought me these hideous pinkish minnie mouse pjs (I was 17) that were extra large and at the time I was a size 8. Hello the pants fell down if I put them on. And most of the time he didn't give me anything for special occasions.
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Aunt Mary gave me the worst gift ever. She is from my dad's side of the family and my mom and dad try to avoid her whenever possible (a bit of a lush and a weirdo, but still family IMO). Well I felt it was important to invite her to my wedding - she is my great aunt, and I invited my great aunt form my mom's side. My mom and dad tried to convince me otherwise, but I insisted. She should up with the wedding gift to end all wedding gifts. A salad spinner, defroster plate and wooden salad bowls. That would have been great - but they were all used....and dirty. The next day (after they were openned) they were tossed down the garbage shute at our apartment building.
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The worst I got was a silver watch and watch band. It was bad because my skin has a weird allergy to some types of metal (silver being one of them) and I get a rash whenever it touches my skin.
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My worst gift ever was from one of my moms ex boyfriends at xmas. He got me some millet (bird seed sticks), a rabbit water bottle, and some rabbit food..I think there were some other little things in there too but he even wrapped them. It was very hard to keep a straight face. Don't get me wrong.... I love getting stuff for the animals...but like toys and stuff that they would enjoy....plus he got them from his work so I think they were free.
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The "hoof" decanter

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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
The "hoof" decanter
I knew the Hoof Decanter was going to make an appearance here - jeese thats certainly still a winner for me
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
The "hoof" decanter
Ok that one's just gross, lol.
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My grandad gives... varied presents. When we've unwrapped the presents the conversation usually goes-
'Don't be rude, be grateful you got a present'
'but mum, he got me a broken clock!'
'I know, i know, he got me a dangerously wired hairdryer, but be nice.'

Other gems include; a newspaper cutting of someone who looked like my dad(ish), a collection of very broken dollhouse furniture, which wasn't to the same scale ,and innumerable dusty candles.
Plus, he's a hairdresser, and does me and my mums hair. I go, ask for light brown highlights, he dyes my hair red. My mum says 'well, if you don't speak up for yourself, what can you expect', gets her hair done later that day, he dyes her hair red. The same shade of red.
What can I expect from someone named chick larose
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
I knew the Hoof Decanter was going to make an appearance here - jeese thats certainly still a winner for me
It's fun to bring out at parties too!
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ok, this was more of a funny gift, but it was bad.... for my wedding shower, my little sister got me a tent size hideously pepto pink moo-moo with giant strawberries on it. It was in a Victoria's Secret box, so everyone was all "ooooh" in a sexy tone & then I pull out this horrible looking thing! I haven't ever wore it, but I can't throw it out, it was funny.... oh and behind it was a cute pair of boy shorts & sexy tank....
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It was Christmas and I was 22/23. My brother and SIL hosted a christmas with both the families (her parents and brother were visiting the country and obviously my parents, sister and me).

My mom got me a game [ages 5 and up] that was some weird new version of simon says. I was so mortified...why would anyone get a game from the kids section for a 22 year old?!

Anyways, luckily my family talked with her and she stopped buying things from the kids department after that. Basically she still wanted to to see me as a little kid (I am the youngest) so she always bought me some form of a [childs] toy.
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Not me, but a coworker's wife...he is not one that strikes me as "thoughtful", on top of this he is a first class corporate bean counter, so his idea of a "gift" is not exactly the norm. He proudly announced that he had gotten an early Mother's day gift for his wife. We all smiled and congratulated him for his thoughtfullness until someone asked him what he got her...a SUMP PUMP.

His reasoning was that their old one was on it's last legs and it was better to replace than repair Aparently he thought he'd give his wife the gift of a dry basement. Further inquiry revealed that she doesn't like to go into the basement at all We told him to get her some flowers to go with that
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When my aunt moved from her large home into a condo, she gave me this huge purple and gold vase that sat in the corner of her dining room. When she gave it to me she said it was because I was the only one that ever commented on it. I remember telling her one time that it was unique.
I said it was unique rather then telling her it was the ugliest thing I ever saw, I didn't want to hurt her feelings.
She assumed that I liked it, now I have a 4 foot high purple and gold vase that I can't stand the site of and keep hidden in the hall closet.
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mine is up there with the hoof decanter. it's a teddy bear made of REAL fur. it's made of one of my dearly departed grandmother's fur coats. the funny part is: i don't buy/like real fur or how the fur trade treats animals. i go out of my way to not buy real fur things. and i don't even buy leather anymore. the most ironic part? when i got it, i was working at a humane society!!!!!!!

i keep it because i know the person paid a lot to have it done & it was part of something my grandma had. (my grandma even called that coat her "roadkill" coat) i call it the dead animal bear. he sits in a closet because he freaks me out. he's creepy looking.
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