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Kidney Infection Going Away

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Well Aurora had a pretty bad kidney infection and started the medication at only 17-18 days old. She was n't gaining weight, and her lymph nodes were about the size of half of her head!! (These were noticed at the age of 14 days old, but the vet wasn't available until 18 days old.)

As an abandoned kitten, we really were already afraid she would not make it as she was very malnurished and only skin and bones when we found her. She was also only taking breaths ever 4-5 seconds. Today she turns 3 weeks old, and her lymph nodes have gone done to nothing after being on the broad-spectrum antibiotic for her kidney infection for only 4 days now! She is eating very well, etc. But I am suspecting that she may be blind in one eye. I have some pictures of the little sqirt, but they are very blurry as she never ceases motion when she is not sleeping. These picures were taken at 19 days old, her lymph nodes were still very swollen. She is very underweight due to the kidney infection, at only 150 grams, but that is all changing now. So this is what she looked like 2 days ago!

When should I introduce some pablum (baby cereal) to her food, as well as mushed up kibble mixed with KMR, etc? I really need her to start gaining weight, and she is very fiesty with the bottle. Also, when can I introduce her to a kitten-safe litter tray?
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Oh my, she's adorable! What a sweetheart. I'm so glad to hear she is doing better on her meds.

I really have no experience with kittens that young. The youngest I've dealt with was about 8 weeks when I found him. He was able to eat canned kitten food and use a small litter box on his own. There is a Pregnant Cats and Kittens section here. The real experts with baby kitten care can probably be found in that section.

Best of luck to you and baby Aurora. Now that she is getting over her infection I'm sure she'll thrive under your care.
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She is so cute! Glad to hear she is doing better!
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