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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

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Thank you everybody for getting me through the last two days with my flea and "Pub with the runs" problems.

I have thanked all of you and especially you all that sent me personal messages.

I am especially grateful to the advice re: chicken and rice....and yougart for Pubbie...b/c he did NOT like the cottage cheese....but...the other little monsters were more than willing to eat it....and they will probably end up constipated now!!!!

He is doing better, but I still have him on high alert...until the "runs" stop completely.

I spoke to the vet yesterday...and had some questions.....he agreed with everyone telling me about the rice and chicken, etc., and said...just watch him.

I also told him about the many articles I read about table salt (Morton) and fleas and asked him if it would hurt the kitties if I tried it....he said, absolutely not...it would not hurt them...that he has recommended it....it sinks right into the carpet (I do NOT put in on the cats) and if they get any on them and lick it...he said...good...they will drink more water...they need it in this heat!!!

Anyway...I sprinkled it all over the carpets before I went to bed and also put dishes of it all around the house (also suggested online)....and when I got up this morning...not ONE flea jumped on me...and the dishes were FULL of these fleas. I am suppose to do it a few times a week, until the eggs are dried up also....and also put it in my vacuum cleaner.

Was SOOOOO happy.

Also...thanks to the two of you (you know who you are) who suggested the Advantage for dogs...to mix it for my kitties....I will do it CAREFULLY. Already ordered it.

Thanks again...and sorry if over-reacted so much.....just have much on my mind with all these old little guys failing more and more every day.

Hugs to all of you.


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I'm happy to hear that the flea problem is on it's way to being under control.
I'm sending "get rid of the runs" vibes to Pub.

I hope the little guy gets over it soon.
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That's great. I'm glad something finally worked and it's an affordable solution. It sounded like you were feeling overwhelmed which is easy to understand when you're caring for so many.

I'm not sure if anyone has suggested it, but the only good use for a flea collar is putting them in your vacuum bag for extra protection That way if the little buggers survive the salt and vacuum, they won't last long in the bag.
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Wow I didn't know about the table salt and fleas! I will keep it in mind in case I ever have a problem.........knock on wood - none now
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