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All Australians ok?

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I saw some terrible scenes of the forest fires raging around Sydney on the news this morning.


Hope everyone is ok.
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OMG! That is awful! I hope so too!!!
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We live in Sydney, just south of the City. There were a couple of fires a few suburbs over on Wednesday but today they all seem to be further north, or out west.

Fortunately, we live in a fairly built up area so we aren't in any danger, but it is devastating to watch footage of people who have lost their houses, and everything, just weeks before Christmas. Some of these people have rebuilt after last year's fires, or the 1994 fires (they were really bad).

Last year the fires started on Christmas day. That was horrible.

The smoke is the worst, it's just constant, and you can't dry clothes outside because they end up smelling like smoke. (A bit like camping, without the fun bits!). Even inside, now, I can smell it. Nik is a bit scatty and jumpy, and I don't think he likes it at all.

But the really good news is that last year, and so far this year no-one has died.

And in fact I read a really sweet story in a newspaper (I am a news junkie, I read papers from all over the State) about a family in Newcastle (just North of Sydney) who had to evacuate and couldn't find their cat, a Russian Blue called Jack. When they came back, their house had burnt down, but Jack was found by a neighbour, hiding out in the back yard, with sore feet, but alive and reasonably well!

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To all our Aussie family,

Please keep us posted and let us know if we can be of any help.

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Glad to hear you are ok Naomi, hope all the other Aussies are too!
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Good to hear you are OK Naomi and I'm hoping everyone else it too. We had a major fire by Denver this year, so I understand what you mean with all the smoke. It's horrible, just blankets everything. I can't imagine having fires like that every year. Stay safe!
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