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Stop peeing on my stuff!

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I moved two months ago from a large house that I shared with my then-boyfriend and another cat, into a small apartment. It's a one-bedroom but I never shut any doors because the litterbox is in the bathroom, off the bedroom.

At first my one-year-old furball seemed fine with it, but his behavior has gradually gone downhill. He started howling when I would leave (I can hear him down the hallway - poor baby!), then he started howling when I was home and not paying attention to him. I have to take a shower with the curtain partially open because he howls if he can't see me in there. Then he started peeing on my dirty clothes in the laundry basket when I wasn't home. Now he'll get ready to do it in front of me. (If I yell NO!, he'll get out of the laundry basket and run away.) Now it's escalated to peeing on my bed when I'm in the room and had my head turned.

I've gone through so much enzyme cleaner it's ridiculous. The vet said he's perfectly healthy and recommended getting another cat - but I'm not sure that I have the time or money, and I'm not convinced that another cat would make the situation better and not worse. (And TWO 6 am wake up meows? LOL!)

I should mention that I work full time and I'm a student, so I'm gone a lot - sometimes 12 hours at a time or more. I'm sure he thinks I'm abandoning him - poor guy. At the same time, I always thought cats were independent. What can I do???

(He is a VERY friendly and affectionate cat, and I don't think he would have a problem with another cat.)
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You mentioned that he's been to the vet, that's good. Did the vet do a urinalysis? Is he neutered? Does he squat to pee, or does he do it standing up?
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It sounds like he's needing more stimulation and activity. He's probably bored what with the smaller living area and you being gone so much. I've heard before of a male cat starting to pee on things in a similar situation. They solved it there by making a cat enclosure outside that connected to a window so he could go out whenever he wanted and smell things and try to hunt bugs etc.

Another cat might very well help, that's assuming the cats would get along. In the mean time I'd try to make your apartment more interesting for the cat and make an effort to play lots with him. Lots of play can work wonders for misbehaving cats.

Cats are usually more independent than dogs but they do need things to do or they can get cabin fever so to speak and when you have an indoor cat with no other animals around apart from the human it's up to you to stimulate the cat mentally and physically to keep him sane and healthy.
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Actually I think that a buddy might be a good thing. Sounds like your kitty may be bored.

Also, get a lid for the laundry basket!

Where in Ohio are you? I rescue and I have a number of cats and kittens who need homes. If you are interested in trying out a buddy for your kitty, I would be more then happy to help you find a great one you could try out and if things don't work out I will always take the cat/kitten back! Honestly two are not much different then one, it's when you get to 6-7+ that things get crazy!
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I agree; you should consider getting a friend/sibling for your kitty. Your poor kitty does sound really lonely, and he might do better with another cat to spend time with. I am also a working student and can be gone a lot, and I also live in a small apartment. I had lived here for a month and a half with just Loki when I decided that he was lonely. He's much happier with his brother, Possum to hang out with and play with. Having two cats in a small apartment is really not that bad; there seems to be plenty of room for the three of us! My apartment is 640 sq. ft., so you can compare yours to mine. You will need to get a second litterbox, so if you decide to adopt another furball, start scoping out good places to put another one if two won't fit in the bathroom. Some people on this site recommend 1 more litterbox than number of cats, but I seem to do well just with the two litterboxes. One is regular sized, and one is "jumbo" sized. Good luck! If you have any questions about having two cats in a small apartment, feel free to contact me!

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