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Need Your Advice

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I need advice on finding a long-term but temporary home for two indoor cats.

A friend who has two cats is selling her home but is not buying a new one yet. Instead, she is having to move into a temporary living situation with two other people who are very cat-allergic.

She would likely be in this situation for up to a year, until she buys a new home.

She LOVES these cats, and does not want to give them to a shelter - too risky - we are trying to find a solution where she could get them back once there is a new home to move into. They are very mellow, healthy cats, around 9 years old.

I would take them but I already have 3 cats to look after and i think it would be too much for me.

We have asked several other friends, but so far no immediate solutions.

Does anyone have any ideas for some cat lovers who don't know where to turn ?
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I don't know what to tell you in this situation. I could honestly say I wouldn't want to babysit someone's cat for a year. Family or close friends would be the only choice really. There is PetFinder.com, but I believe they only put up ads to adopt cats rather than to "foster" or babysit.
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where are they located?
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You might look at a foster home network for cats and offer to pay a monthly amount for boarding. Even then, you would need to consider the health of the cats in a situation like that.

I think the person in question needs to find a family member to take the cats, or reconsider her living situation and find an interim studio living situation where they will take pets.

The problem is that anyone who would take them and give them all the love they need, would not want to give them up after a year. I do know one person in Chicagoland who took a friend's cats for a while but I don't know how much attention they got.

Someone else asked where this person lives. Where are they physically?
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thank you for your replies -
the cats are located in philadelphia

have been following many leads among friends and extended circle but no luck yet -
we are still looking for a good temp home -

if you have any additional thoughts, we'd appreciate it -
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