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Oh she's my lil sis. I'm the pushy big sis. I won't go into details as to how spoiled rotten & bratty lil sis is. Some here understand. She has some behavioral issues that she blames on some medical issues. I ceased taking her to the HS to volunteer with me even though the HS really needs the help as she can be "volatile". She isn't allowed near my foster kittens anymore unless supervised.

Mom did tell lil sis she has to get over not being able to play. Lil sis hid letters that said she was not doing well in math & lied to moms face when mom asked if she was passing. I think that mom will make her miss the entire season as she feels that if she failed, she does not deserve to play at all.
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When I was in high school that was the rule. I had awesome grades though- i NEVER let my grades dip low because i loved playing sports for our school. I did struggle with math- but that being said- i got help for it and worked very hard to keep my math grades up and my teachers were great about helping and were quite supportive (i was very blessed to have such a good school). Our school was known for our sporting teams- but that being said- education always came before sports- so much so that many on different teams would set aside a study time before or after practice so that we'd have time to study and do well. I think the main purpose of schools are to educate and education should come before anything else. Sports and extra cirricular activites are VERY important as well but a person should not be "passed" along simply because they can kick a football- that does not teach responsibility. Everyone needs to carry their weight in both school and sports.

If your mom tries to bail out your little sister from her mistakes -it is only going to teach her that she does not have consequences for her actions and that is only going to hurt her later in life.
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No Pass - No Play has been a state law down here for many years. It doesn't apply to certain classes, however, such as AP or some Honors classes or even the college courses as they want to encourage the kids to take those classes.

Our district goes by 6 week grading period for the high school level. This means that the kids have a chance to start playig/participating again midway through the grading period - if they have the grades. The coaches or activity sponsor notifies the staff of all of the kids participating in whatever. Every Monday morning, the teachers are responsible for reporting to the coach/sponsor the status of each of those kids.

It's not unusal for a student-athlete to start to college with a year of college credits (AP or comunity college classes).
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Sounds to me like your sister is a spoiled brat who is having a pity party for herself. A diva, she is not (there's a big difference)!

If your sister is going to be angry, she needs to be angry with herself and no one else. She failed, her principal did not!

In fact, I think this is one of the smartest things the school boards can do for its students. It will teach them that there is always consequences to your actions. (A life lesson that, IMO, not enough parents are teaching their children anymore, but that's an entirely different issue.)

I think everyone will agree that for the most part, if a person studies and attends classes, they will pass their courses. Sounds to me like your sister needs to learn some responsibility and "man-up" to the fact that she failed her class so now she must live with the consequence. I hope your parents were not foolish enough to contact the principal. And, if they did, I hope the principal set them straight.
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(yay Imo!)
I think that its wonderful how many students in america do after school stuff. In my old schools you wouldn't see us after the bell went for love nor money, so at first i thought it was kinda a shame to use as a punishment, what my school would have sold its soul to achieve.
But now i get how the balance of after school activities is different, and I think your sister should grow up. Maths is important anyway, particularly at her age when it can often be a requirement to study other subjects later on (well, it is in England).
While being a science geek means I'd hope that she'd want to learn it for its own sake, taking away privilages is a great way to do it, and as its all within the school she can't lie about her maths grades anymore to get what she wants.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Lil sis failed her last quarter of math. Got a note in the mail that she is no eligible to play tennis this fall. She's mad. I'm like "Duh! What did you expect?" She wants mom to go complain to the principle.

Rules apply to everyone. You should've gotten a tutor or asked for help. Too bad, so sad.

What do you think of "fail a class, no sports" or "lower than X amount GPA, no sports"?

Yes I do.

When my daughter was in high school, she was a cheerleader.

Her rules were that if you got a C on your report card, you were put on probation for the next six weeks. If you got a F, you were off the squad. Period. No questions asked.
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