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good news/bad news

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Well good news and bad news. Good news is he’s doing well everyone seems calmed down and no more hissing or growling although he HATES the dog. It don’t help that one of the cats play with the dog and they chase each other around (the dog knows to stay away from the other cats) but the dog thinks it might want to play with this one. The kitten will hiss and the dog backs off though.

Bad news is the vet can’t get him in until Friday. I’m going to bring in a stool sample as I am a little alarmed at how skinny he is. I can feel every bone in his back, ribs, and pelvis. His face also seems a little sunken to me. He is very playful though and don’t seem lethargic. He is a little obsessive about sucking though its starting to drive me nuts. He also seems to get frustraighted that he cant find a nipple. I don’t know what to do to help him as im not sure about his age. Looking at his teeth isn’t much help he is missing his small teeth in the front but has his back teeth and the canines. I can’t tell if he has lost his front ones or if they just haven’t come in yet. Or it’s just the way he is.

My scale won’t pick up his weight although all we have is a reg human scale. I just called the vet and they said I can bring him in to just get a weight now so im headed there now.
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Well back from the vet he weighs 2 and 1/4 pounds.
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Oh my that is so tiny
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Yeah so now my quest is to fatten him up. He is really getting demanding about wanting to suckle we though if we didnt let him maybe he would eat more but he just getting more persistant a lot of crying.
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bigger than Firefox - she weighed 9 ounces last week at the vet's.
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If he wants to suckle so much, is it possible to buy a bottle and feed him that way with milk or whatever the vet says.
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I thought about that and getting some kmr but at his age I didnt know if that would help or hurt his eating since he will eat some dry food. Would it help him feelmore secure and should I let him or discurage it?
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I would feed him KMR from a bottle. Maybe you can soak some kibble in KMR and put it in his mouth with your finger. Good luck with this little one.
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Ok ill try that. I just wasnt sure. The vet is closed now so ill buy him some kmr in the morning. With him being oder the kitten bottle nipples seem so small will it still work?
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Is there anything else that I should do to get his weight up? My husband was wondering if canned food would help. But we are kind of stuck on brands since we dont have a petco or anything with in 2 hours from here.
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