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Tonight was quesadillas. Whole wheat tortillas, cheese, black beans, onion, green and red bell peppers, peppers, cilantro, and fresh guacamole. And iced tea with lemon. Dessert was strawberries, cut up into peices.

We found a good deal on sweet corn - love that stuff; so tomorrow we will grill veggies and chicken with a salad. Haven't decided what type of salad yet though.
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It's only 4pm but as it might take a couple of hrs to cook ive prepared early. Trying a meatloaf thing but it's a weird concoction :P mince meat, chicken, mixed veges (onion, tomato, beans, carrots) a bit of cheese and egg and flour for melding, sesame seeds/chives/garlic/parsley/tomato paste for flavour. Mush it all together and bake
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
I just barely finish a work BBQ lunch and already I'm looking forward to dinner. What are you having tonight?

We are having lemon chicken with a side of chow mein - all home made. I can't wait!!! I think I'll have some raspberries for dessert.
Excuse me while I go look in the freezer and see what my selection of TV dinners is.
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Our supper last night was y-u-m-m-y! Thank goodness there is enough leftovers tonight for myself... John can fend for himself
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i'm not sure what i'm making yet
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My DH is picking me up a Buffalo Chicken Salad on his way home
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Hubby is cooking hot sausage, onions and peppers on the grill and I made macaroni salad.
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i'm having a hotdog
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I had toast last night for dinner!

Its now breakfast and i want to have a heavy meal for lunch, as i have to work untill late tonight and i dont want to get take away after work! I might just have mash potatoes and veggies with a chicken drumstick!
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chicken and mushroom rissotto!
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