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What's for dinner tonight?

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I just barely finish a work BBQ lunch and already I'm looking forward to dinner. What are you having tonight?

We are having lemon chicken with a side of chow mein - all home made. I can't wait!!! I think I'll have some raspberries for dessert.
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I have a large pork roast in the crock pot along with potatoes as we speak! We'll also be having veggies & cornbread Maybe some fruit salad for dessert
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Yogurt...perhaps kashi cereal..im sick lol
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Hmm I hadn't thought about dinner. Maybe hotdogs or something quick and easy.
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Spaghetti, and garlic bread, and carrots.
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Some type of stir fry!

Our oven is broken right now!
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We're having lemon chicken, too, with fresh dill. Also, a sugar snap pea and cherry tomato salad with a homemade orange dressing, and either white or brown rice. We also have leftover fruit salad from last night (inspired by that other thread!).
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I think we're going out for German tonight
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Gah, you guys are making me hungry! and its only 3:46pm here!
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Originally Posted by Roimata View Post
Gah, you guys are making me hungry! and its only 3:46pm here!
Its only 2:48PM here!
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We were going to have veggie pasta bake but all the talk of chicken makes me think we will have that instead
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Breadless eggplant parm... mmmm! Ooh now I'm hungry
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Just put a meatloaf in the oven, with mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, blackeyed peas and cornbread.

For dessert it will be fresh strawberry shortcake w/lots of whipped cream. uuuummmmm good!!!!
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We had fresh brussell sprouts and meatloaf with popsicles for dessert.
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Stuffed pork chops, mashed potatos, corn and a salad.
I'm making Hubby take us all to Dairy Queen after we eat....IF we have room for ice cream that is
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We had ham steak, pierogies and corn
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I LOVE those things.
One of the Churchs here sells homemade ones every Friday during Lent.
I'm their best customer
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I think I'll have Penne Primavera
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Oh I'm soooo out of the cooking mode! I'm thinking something soft tonight. Maybe Macaroni and cheese. I better get a move on it though!
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It's so hot here tonight I think most likely it's going to be a nice salad with lots of cucumbers, radishes and peppers, iceberg and something crunchy like sesame sticks.
And of coarse what else for dessert on a hot day lots of watermelon.
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I had some licorice and a chicken pattie on a bun with dijon mustard. I didn't each much because I am getting a cold.
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Originally Posted by lilleah View Post
Spaghetti, and garlic bread, and carrots.
I had fish and chips, but I also had some 'ghetti.
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Bf is bbqing some burgers for us as we speak. We're going to have some leftover baked beans and salad with it. I'm hungry and I just got home from work (at 9pm). Thank god I've got a man who can cook!!!
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I had honey dijon pork chops, butter and herb mashed potatoes and corn.
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I had Celantano's Eggplant Parmesan, anything so I don't have to cook! It was delicious.
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Y'all are having such yummy dinners.
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I love reading the "What's for dinner" threads. It gives me ideas and I thank you all for that.
My first time posting on one. I'm making One Dish Chicken and Rice Bake. Tho I'm not thrilled about turning on the oven, it's a little warm. I'll have to turn up the A/C a bit. And I'd better get to cooking it now!
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I stopped at the fruit stand today, so I made a cucumber & tomato salad. (the vinegar/sugar kind) Fresh pineapple. Leftover baked potatoes and BBQ steak from last night.

Spaghetti is one of my favorite foods. I could eat that stuff every night, but DH does not share my fondness for it.

I had Arby's for lunch...5 for 5.95. I love that place.
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I have some mini bratwurst that looked interesting when I was shopping yesterday. I think I'll do some spaetzle to go with them, and a little salad -- I have an avocado that really won't wait another day -- I know it doesn't really fit with bratwurst and spaetzle, but waste not want not. Probably mango on ice cream for dessert.
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DH made great veggies on the grill. Nothing like a good grillin' to bring out the best in foods!
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