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Great Site

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I think this site is absolutly wonderful. There are lots of great people here. I wouldn't change a thing.

Thanx for such a wonderful place to come and talk about cats.

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So happy you like it here!! We all are addicted as you'll soon see!:tounge2:

Post often, and be sure to visit us in the Cat Lounge where anything is game for discussion!!
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We've only been online for a little over a month now, and I spend 85% of my time in this site. It is a great place for all animal lovers and I am truly addicted! Maybe we'll have to get t-shirts made that state "I am addicted to TheCatSite.com". :tounge2:
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Oh, but there IS a t shirt.....

Our shirt
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Thanks for the info on the cat site shop. I will probably be ordering something from them. Does everyone know about it? If not, they really should!
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I think most people are aware of it, you can reach it by clicking on "shop" at the top of the page.
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Thanks for the insight, I'm still a little green when it comes to web sites...I tend to forget to look at the top page!
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Don't feel bad Lisa.

I've been a member here for 18 months, and I only recently figured out that we could shop!!!!!!!!!
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I just found it today. I seem to skim around and read only the basics and continue from there. My teacher always told me to slow down or I'd miss things. I guess she was right!

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That picture of your kitty is precious!! We have a kitten who is a mix between Russian Blue and Korat. He also has some striping on his back. We're in the proccess of trying to get our kitty pictures online.
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The shirt is ancient but it's still great - it has a lovely poem on it written by our Mary Anne (hissy) all about the forums.

One day when I have time I'll get more shirt designs and merchandise on the shop - but don't hold your breath waiting
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Now wait a darn minute! Does this make me ancient as well???
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no more ancient then me I guess but yes, I think you, Debby, Sandie, myself and a couple of others can be considered the TCS dinosaurs
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Then we can all call you the TCS Dino-Babes!

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