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How can someone be so cruel? *graphic*

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A few days ago at the rescue, we got a call from a lady who had found a cat with an ear problem. She said he had been hanging around her house for a couple weeks, but she never had gotten close enough to him to see the ear. We DO NOT turn down animals that are sick or injured, no matter how many animals we have.

She brought the cat in, and having been through this before, we could tell that this cat had an extremely large tumor in his ear. We took him to the vet to see if there was anything we could do for the poor orange long haired guy whom we named Pinky.

The vet looked him over and gave us the news... the tumor was so big and had grown to massive proportions, that there was no way that this tumor could be taking out without removing half of Pinky's head in the process.
He did say that Pinky had a few weeks left before his quality of life was not so good.

But last night the tumor opened or something and it started bleeding. And wouldn't stop.
Back to vet we go. He had lost so much blood throughout the night that he was severely anemic.. and that there was nothing left to do for him. The vet highly recommended euthanisia.

So pinky was humanely euthanized this morning. He isn't in pain any longer.

We have come to the conclusion that whoever owned him (he WAS owned. He is VERY friendly, and neutered.) found out something was wrong with him, and dumped him off at this ladies house a few weeks ago. The surgery would have been around $1500-$2000 to fix, and not a lot of people are willing to pay for that. So instead of putting him to sleep, they let him go, and be in pain for the rest of his life.
I just get so mad that people don't take care of their animals. This little guy has been in pain for god only knows how long, and someone could have prevented it.

Rest in peace little guy, you were an awesome little cuddley boy. Even though you were only with us a few days, you will NEVER be forgotten.

Link to close up.
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RIP Pinky, you are in peace now.
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Aww... that poor poor boy! (thanks for the warning too) I can't imagine just turning a pet loose simply because of cost. I would have paid that (and have before) in a heart beat if it meant his life! May he play happily (and pain free!) over the bridge!
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That poor, sweet boy. I'm glad he's at peace now.
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Oh that poor sweet baby.
R.I.P sweet boy.
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That poor sweet boy

I can't imagine what kind of person would just dump him off instead of taking care of him, or giving him a peaceful end.

Rest in peace sweet boy. You're free of pain now at the bridge
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That's so horrible! At least he found his way to some help in the end, and didn't have to suffer more than he already did. Poor little furry guy

RIP Pinky Hope you're playing happily and running carefree over the Rainbow Bridge
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OMG. Sick people. Or maybe he got out, though, somehow and became lost.

Well, either way...I feel really bad for him. I spent the money for Ashie KNOWING whatever the issue was, it was terminal....but I had to know and do whatever I could do.

Granted, not everyone can afford to do it (or WOULD do it), but there are vets that will work with you financially (helloooo...I have one!) and if you aren't willing to take care of your pet, you shouldn't have one. EOS.

Poor cat.
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RIP Pinky,you poor baby! :cry:
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Oh how horrible for Pinky. RIP sweet one, now without any pain or suffering.
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RIP Pinky, you are now healthy and free from pain.

I hope you are having fun over at the Bridge.
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Rest in peace little one. play well at the bridge.
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He was a beautiful cat. I'm so glad that he is at peace now.
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U poor sweet boy, may u rest in peace and play happily over the rainbow bridge

R.I.P pinky
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Oh good grief, that poor baby I swear i could slap the living daylights out of some people

Play happily over at the bridge Pinky, because i know your safe and healthy again

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Oh my awful!

RIP sweet boy.....
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Oh my!!! Thats so sad.

RIP Pinky. You are no longer suffering.
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