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Alert!! Alpaca rugs are sexist!!

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A few years ago, we bought a couple of Alpaca rugs for our babes to rest on - sooooo soft and fuzzy, we figured they'd be irresistable!! Well, our old lady Puddin (may she rest in peace) absolutely loved the rugs, and would sleep for hours on them, with her head upside down and buried in fluff.

However... none of the boys would so much as TOUCH them!! We put one on the sofa, and they would carefully step around the rugs to avoid even lightly touching them!! If I tossed them on the rug, they would BOING into the air and land somewhere else!!

When we brought Yoda into the house last summer, he did the same thing with those rugs. I took to laying them on piles of computer cables, to keep him from playing, and it worked very well.

Well, last friday we brought home a little girl named Jasmine, to keep both Yoda and us company... and, lo and behold, she adores the rugs too!! She sprawls out on the rug, making huge star-paws and searching around for a nipple!!

Not only that, but she's already figured out that Yoda won't follow her onto the rug, so she runs there when she's tired of being pestered by him.

So, apparently alpaca rugs have girl cooties, and the boys just won't touch them!!

Has anyone else ever had alpaca rugs around their companions??
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No but that's the weirdest thing I've ever heard

However, maybe the rugs have some kind of "male" scent that repels the males and attracts the females - as in pelts from male alpacas??????
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We girls do love our fur!
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Hmmm... that's an interesting thought, that maybe it has some kind of a Male aura to it?? We've never washed either of the rugs, because frankly they feel rather cheaply made, and we're afraid they'll just disintegrate in the machine... besides, the critter interactions are amusing!!
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Got any pictures? We have two lambskin rugs that are very fuzzy. One cat absolutely adores them--she can look at it and start purring. The other two (boy and girl) just moderately enjoy them.
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Pictures!! I'll have to catch some, next time the little terror slows down for a bit... Thanks for the suggestion!!
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Well, if anyone's interested, here's a couple of shots of Jasmine on the famous Alpaca!!




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That is so weird - especially "nursing" on the 2nd picture. I still say its probably got a "male" scent to it that the cats can pick up but you can't. Seems to be the only explanation that I can think of regarding females liking it and male hating it!
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