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New Cat.

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Hi. I'm a new user to the forum and have a few questions about a cat my mother-in-law found and I have aquired. I'm not much of a cat person but she was so thin and dirty, I decided I would bring her home and clean up to make her an indoor cat. The first night she was here she ate a whole can of cat food and all of the dry food I left out, as well as her water. When I first picked her up the first thing I noticed was that her nipples were hard, but when I talked to my in-laws they didn't really say much about it. I have noticed within the 2 days that I've had her that they are still hard and are starting to swell up. There isn't a whole lot of hair under her belly and around the nipples, but she doesn't look like she has recently had kittens or anything and isn't leaking milk. I can also feel little lumps as I rub her belly (gently). I have contacted my vet and have an appointment for her on Monday, but was kind of wanting some other thoughts or opinions as to whether it could be something else. You can definately tell where her abdomen is swollen and where it ends because it kind of just drops off into the rest of her body. It's hard as well. I'll attach some pictures of her to give a visual idea as to what I'm talking about. **She has also been sleeping alot...is this normal for cats?

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ooo that is good you are having her seen by a vet. I would guess maybe a little mastitis or something? Maybe she is about to have babies too. The nipples definately look swollen and irritated. Is the area very warm to the touch? =She looks like she either had a lot of litters and is swollen from that, or she maybe lost a litter and the milk is just sitting in there.

She is GORGEOUS by the way and thank you very much for taking her in!
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It's not warm at all, but I was also wondering if it is normal for her to be swollen, but her abdomen not be smooth. It seems really bumpy across the bottom. I would have liked to have gotten her into the vet sooner, but I didn't expect to be adopting a cat at all, and had to wait until payday. It also feels like her whole abdomen is swollen but shes so skin it doesn't really blend in with her body. I have noticed that is a little more swollen today then it was Sunday night.
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Welcome to TCS!

That looks similar to a cat that was at the local humane society where I volunteer. She had mastitis. But, I don't know for sure... It's good that you are getting her to the vet.
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I moved her appointment up to Thursday at 8am because I would like to know if shes pregnant or not and have a bunch of questions about all the swelling. Shes going to be getting a physical done and vacc.'s if shes not pregnant.
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PLEASE let us know what you find out! I am curious! Also if you need low cost clinics to spay her, please let us know too, just tell us your location. She is beautiful but if you think this vet visit for her will be pricey, just wait until you find out the expense of a pregnant cat and then all the kittens she could have! Good quality food (not the grocery cheapo brands), litter, toys and then 3-4 rounds of vaccines for all those babies, and they need to be with her until at least 10-12 weeks. It can get extremely pricey! Good luck and hopefully she
ISN'T prego, and hopefully it isn't mastitis either!
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I have already talked to the vet about the spaying part, so as soon as shes checked out and is okayd for the spaying I'll have it done. Its not that I can't afford it, its more the timing of it. I had no intentions of getting a cat, but I couldn't turn her away.
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