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stray kitten jinx

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well jinx is now 4-5 weeks old and is doing really well eating and drinking and using the cat litter tray, he loves hes toys, the rest of the litter i found will soon be going to the new homes at 6 weeks althought that is early the rescue is full and they need the space althought they will be supplying kmr for each kitten owner enough to fed them up too 8 weeks. all of them are little sweethearts here are a few pics of jinx that i took today, he is wearing hes first coller because he needs to go to the vet for hes injection soon and they wont alow them in without a coller, he seems to be ok with it but likes to try and bite and scratch it like a toy.and heres a question is it ok for a kitten to fall asleep in his cat litter tray?

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Oh... he's sooo cute.
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mine do fall asleep in the litter tray all the time, only the kittens tho, dont know what it is,lol. and its not only when its clean, its weird,lol
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