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Rita..."Outdoor Am-BASS-ador"

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Here's Rita, the 9 week-old basset hound pup, playing outdoors...she's turning into quite the little wild thing. She's recently discovered the joy of chewing on hands and feet. We're working on it. She's fitting right in with the big dogs, and with the cats, of course. Fergus (my big white and orange kitty, who is fairly neurotic) doesn't think much of her, but when she's chasing his tail, and snorting and snuffling all over him, I guess I can understand.

Here's Rita, in all of her outdoor glory. Sorry about the poor pic old digi cam that we found from a while back...doesn't take good photos AT ALL.

There she is!!! She's an extra "squishy" basset, meaning, when she's sitting "at attention", or laying down, her face sort of wrinkles and smooshes down beyond belief...when she's looking up, or laying on her back, the smooshyness sort of smoothes out, and you can actually see her little face!!! We just love her...she's been a wonderful little puppy thus far.
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Aw shes a real sweetie, I know you will enjoy her so much, I miss not having a little one but Zoie is so spoiled now that I don't think she would want to share her Daddy..
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Aww look at how cute she is..
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Awww...shucks! We think she's incredible, but obviously we're very biased!

Here's some more squishy Rita photos!

She's a big smooshy silly. We're so proud of the other cats and dogs for tolerating her semi-wild puppy antics so far, too!
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Oh My Heart...That FACE is unbelievable
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Thank you! She's quite the character...she's recently discovered she has a voice, and makes all sorts of wierd snuffly/snorting/barking/howling noises when she's overly excited. She sounds like a little piggy!!!

Right now, she's sleeping at my feet, and the kitties feel it is safe enough to sniff her down a bit...
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Originally Posted by wookie130 View Post
Look at the widdle feeties. She is adorable. I love smoochie doggies and well puppies are just
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Oh my gosh, that's got to be one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen! I don't think I've ever seen a basset puppy before. She's darling!
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Too cute!
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She's so adorable - especially with those long ears tripping over them. Have you signed her up for puppy obedience classes?
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OMG!!! I love her so much.I showed the kids her pics and they said she is beautiful!!!
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Awwwwww......nothing steals your heart like a HOUNNNNDDDD puppy hehe
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She's adorable!! I love their little legs and long ears.
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look how darling!!!!! she is sooo cute!!!!
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she is very cute!!
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Awww...thanks everyone. We just love her...and finally! A dog my cats actually semi-appreciate!!! They actually will sit next to her, rather than hiss, and run away!
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Oh my goodness I just love her!!!!! I want one!!!!!
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