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ISO feral kittens

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Odd request huh? Well in my Veterinarian Assistant class, we have to do a research project. I chose to try to socialize feral kittens. So now I need some feral kittens. I am thinking three so I can control how they are socialized and do each one a little differently to see the end results. Then my goal at the end is to be able to place them into homes ideally. But if not, I will place them in a barn (altered and vaccinated of course)

So, anyone in the Ohio/PA area, please contact me if you have any!

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Good luck on your project. I wish you were closer to me (miami, FL). A friend of mine found a momma cat and three kittens under her house. I'm trying to get her to call me back so we can set a trap out to catch the momma cat and get her spayed. I don't know what we'll do with the babies.

Can't wait to hear the results!
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Wow! What an interesting project to do. What about contacting one of the local shelters? I am sure that they have contacts/volunteers who trap cats and kittens for spaying, etc. Good luck!
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