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3 Cats - Not a typical introduction - PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Hello All!

I wrote a week or so ago about having 3 cats coming into a brand new house … 1 cat being mine and the other 2 being my boyfriends. While the cats are somewhat accustom to the new place they still need to get to know each other, and I am looking for advice.

As of right now we keep my cat (Scout) and my boyfriend’s cats (Clinton & Nixon) apart. Scout gets to roam the house (when he isn’t hiding under the bed that is ) from 8am – 8pm, while the other cats are in the basement.
Then Clinton & Nixon get to roam from 8pm – 8am – while Scout is in the master bedroom.

Scout is still very weary of coming downstairs (he gets scared when he hears the other cats meowing) but Clinton and Nixon seem to enjoy going all around the house. We allow the cats to roam the home in shifts so they can get comfortable with the new place while also smelling the other cat(s) scent.

I am still having an issue with introducing all 3. I have tried putting up child-gates and putting Scout in the kitchen or the bathroom and allowing the other cats to come up and see him… The problem is, Scout tries to stay in a corner or jump on the counter and avoids meeting and when he does see Clinton or Nixon he hisses or does an internal growl.
Meanwhile Nixon nonchalantly sits right in front of the gate and hangs out without a problem. (He seems to want a new friend)! Clinton will walk by the gate, hiss and then go into another room … 3 cats with 3 different attitudes!

So now I am at a point that I’m unsure what to do next in regard to introducing them. I have seen web sites that say to put all of them in separate carriers and have them face each other but that seems like going backwards (since we let them have the house to roam around in). But I don’t know how to get them in a room where they all have to stay and get to know each other while keeping them separated.

I know this process can take quite a bit of time, which is fine with me, but I want to make sure I am at least taking the correct steps to have all 3 eventually be happy buddies or at least tolerate each other 

Advice and suggestions are very welcome! THANKS!
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Have you tried Feliway yet? When I was doing my introductions it was a Godsend.

I know that this is really stressful, but you are doing a good job so far. Here's some more tips:

Rub the kitties down with a towl and start putting that under the other cat's food dishes.

Play very soft and quiet music in the rooms when they are locked up. It will make them feel a sense of calm.
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I have a 1 1/2 yr bengal and siamese now just a month or so ago I got
an 1 1/2 year old abyssinian from a breeder.. The siamese is 18

He could care less...the new cat still hides and it's over a month
I also sep..them for a while and them let him out..The bengal
being a from wild and crazy cat just wants to play ..however, the
Aby wants no part of him...

So I would def..keep a litter box near a safe place where he or she
wants to hide..ect...if there not fighting but just hiding ect ...it may
take more time it could take days or months ..little by litttle they will
all find there place...

But the new ones should have a safe area to excape...with litter water
and food ect...

Least that is what I am doing my guy still really wants no parts of either

Good luck ..]
Somehow they will work it out..Just make sure they are all
fixed.... as well.....also the litter is important so they don't start
spraying or soiling all over the house..
Also try to play with them all evenly.

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