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Need Help now!!

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I am fostering 3 - 4 to 5 week old kittens..yesterday I took them in for a vet check..all were doing good.
They got flea treatment( back of neck) and there wormer plus somekind of nasal thing...I think a form of a shot cuz they are still .09 under the weight for a shot.
Anyway one kitten is not eating and when I forced a little with a syringe..he threw it back up within minutes. I noticed his behind is wet so I am assuming he has diarrea......He was eating. playing and pooping fine yesterday.
This place does not open until noon today and its only 7:18 am... I am so nervous he is going to fade real fast. He was alert but in no mood to play
I held him but he just wated to go lay down with his brothers on the heating pad...what should I do?
In a book that they gave me it talks about metamucil for the diarrhea o r kayopectate for the throwing up..I really do not want to medicate unless directed by a vet!
Any advice until noon..should I try giving him the KMR again? Or maybe just water!
Help need advice!!
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i took the kitten in to the vets office..they gave him fluid injections and antibiotic...he was dehydrated. he threw upt he antibiotic as soon as I gave it to him. He looks so frail and so quickly..any other advice on what to do??
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I am really surprised that no one has answered this... I'm new to the kitten thing but the vet told me when I got my kitten wormed that it was possible that she would get diarrhea from the medicine. If you took your little kit back to the vet, Im sure they did what they could for now. Mostly its just a waiting game. Just make sure he drinks enough water. And if you are still worried bring him back to the vet. I hope this was even a little helpful. Someone more experienced should be coming along...
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Thankyou for answering...he cannot keep anything down...he is also throwing up ..I justcalled the vet again and unfortunatly there is not much more we can do...they said it might be "kitten fading syndrome" They wanted me to bring him in tonite..I think to put him to sleep. I cannot just give up on this little baby..i weighed him and he has not lost any weight as of now.
He is just so frail. I am going to keep giving him little bits of water, fomula, or chicken baby food...just a teeny bit. If tomorrow no improvement I will make that decision...please pray for the little baby...he needs all he can get
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If you were simply to give him water(through a syringe or dropper or whatnot if he won't drink himself), does he throw that up? If he can keep that down, that'd be good. You definately need to keep him hydrated.. that might be the only thing you can try to do, especially if the vet says there's not much else they can do. Warm and hydrated, that's the way to go.
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I hope he gets better, poor little kit. Keep updating and just keep trying. Your efforts are saintly.
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See if you can find anything that might help at this site, I'm also trying to find more information for you.
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the kitten cannot keep nothing down at all...should I just try water to about pedialyte? i am willing to go get whatever I need to .
Here are some pics of the litter. This was 2 days ago he was holding his own bottle.

He is the smaller kitten on the left. He is 12 ounces right now..he gained almost 3 ounces in a week.
this one is doing great..running playing and is almost 1 pound.

Please send good vibes for "Big Z...(after one of the Cavaliers players)
The humane society names them after the players!
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You can try pedialyte. I would also check out this thread as well.

Someone mentioned a little bit of karo syrup to stimulate the kitten.

If it was me, I would try everthing and fight like hell but also prepare yourself for the worst as much as you can.

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Wow, they are so adorable especially the little one (I have a thing for runts,). That picture of him holding the bottle is amazing. Keep us updated on how the little guy is doing. And more pictures please!
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I dont' have any advice for you just wanted to say how adorable they are.
That picture of him holding his own bottle is so sweet.
I'll keep the little guy in my thoughts and Prayers.
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I put "Big Z" on my loveseat so I can keep an eye on him...he took his antibiotic..drop by drop over a 2 hour period and kept it down. In between i am giving him the kmr..a little more watered down so it isn't so heavy on his all its only a little bit but he kept it all down...HOORAY!! He is sleeping most of the time....I think his tummy is setling..he has not pooped either...maybe a good sign here. I am going to fight for him like hell...he deserves nothing less! I keep watching his belly to make sure he is breathing!
Please keep the good vibes comming ..I think its working... Thanks so much to all!!
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Please don't feed bottle feed your kitten like a baby...they should always be tummy down, just as they nurse on their momma. Kittens fed like this can choke, and it does also promote vomiting as well.

Sending lots of vibes that baby kitty pulls through, and continues to keep her food down.
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Thanks for the information..isn't it one told me that i was doing it wrong...he kept down the pedialyte so far...feeding a few drops at a time.
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Hope your little kitty gets better real quick and real soon. So glad he's keeping something down now. I had to do something similar to one of my kittens when I was in High School. He pulled through alright and ended up being bigger than the rest of his litter mates.
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I'm so glad that little cutie is keeping down the Pedialyte.
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Well he looks so much better...we did the pedialyte for several hours every 20 min. a drop or two..then I tried .2 cc, which is very little. He kept that down..I waited a little while and tried it again. He started perking up and was meowing i got his bottle and tried watered down formula and he drank a little. that stayed we tried the chicken baby food and he gobbled that up(bit the hell out of my finger). I let him eat but did not want to fill him to much.I was so scared he was gonna puke it all up. He slept with me so i could keep an eye on him. This morning he ate pretty good and is playing. I can tell he is a little weak. and considerbly smaller than the other two..but I will get him porked up. Thank God he is better..I am so happy!
Thankyou for your thoughts and vibes..They worked!!
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I don't know much about kitten care beyond the basics, and it's been a long time since I had a teeny litter of kittens that I've had to bottle feed...

I noticed in your first post that you said you gave them a flea treatment? Did your vet advise you to do this? I'm not trying to sound judgemental or anything here ... I'm only asking because it was my understanding that kitties that little can have an adverse reaction to flea products. Also, did you mention it to your vet? It sounds, though, like he's pulling through whatever it is, but I'd definitely mention it to the vet if the vet doesn't know. What kind of flea treatment did you use? The ones like Frontline and Advantage, etc, are the only ones I suggest using. There are a couple of over the counter flea products that have been known to cause problems (although they don't really tell you this, and they certainly didn't take the product off of the market). Hartz has a back of the neck flea product that has caused neurological problems and potentially other things..

Anyway, it might be the key that helps if this is the problem and your vet doesn't know that the kitten has been treated. But it does sound like he's feeling better. My advice is to definitely call the vet and tell him/her that the kitty was treated, even if it looks like it's doing better, just as a precaution.

I hope that the little guy pulls through with flying colors!! What beautiful babies, and you're doing such a good job with them! (and I know you're not supposed to feed them on their back but that bottle holding picture is just way too cute!!)

and lots of good healthy feed good vibes for the little crew, so that they all pull through and can proceed to drive you absolutely batty in the next few weeks.
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I'm glad to hear the little guy kept down some food and is perking up.
He's such a little doll.
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I wrote in the first post that I took them in for a vet check and they gave the kittens a flea treatment, dewormer, and a nasal something(still not sure what that was) because they were .09 underweight for the shot. I am learning alot about tiny kittens but I thought the same thing. I am sure the vets at the humane society know what they are doing.
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Ahh, ok gotcha. I couldn't remember if you'd said he treated them or if you'd treated them. I just mentioned it in case it might be a reason. I went and checked out frontline, and it says 8 weeks or older, no weight restrictions. That probably doesn't include "under vetrinary supervision" though.

The nasal might have been for bordetella.. I can't think of any other nasal off the top of my head.
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They do a nasal distemper vaccine on 4 week old kittens at our shelter.
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Thats probably what it was...he ate a little gruel also today..they are all starting to wean. I just have to fatten his little butt up...he has a little bit of the runs but not water like yesterday. I am trying to keep him quiet so he does not use up all his energy and have a relapse , but he wants to go and explore and play. I cannot tell you how happy I am that he is it is time to clean my house.. been neglecting it for two days.
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I'm so glad to hear he is doing so much better.
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