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Nakita's First Night Home - Questions!

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Oh...woe is me...what a first night.

We went and picked Nakita up last night. When the vet brought her into the room she looked so sad and skinny! Plus, she was wearing one of those wonderful collars on her neck to keep her from licking her stitches. Let's just say she does not like it one bit. On top of all this, they have been giving her an eye cream. Supposedly, either during the operation or after, she kept her eyelids opened (for what duration I do not know). As a percaution, the vet is giving her an eye cream 4 times a day. So now, I have a skinny little kitty, in total depression over the collar, and having a greasy eyes and face because of the cream. Plus, when they brought her in, she gave me this look and a little meow as if to say "Why did you do this to me?"

We brought her home. She can't walk at all in that collar, she looks like she is an astronaut doing the moon walk! She tried to use her litter box, but because of the collar, is having trouble. So I took her collar off, but she went straight for her stitches and started licking.

Last night I slept in her room, and she kept wanting to go under the covers....but the collar kept getting in the way. Then when she did find a spot under the covers, she is having trouble sleeping because the collar gets in the way! I wanted to take it off so badly, but knew I couldn't! And this has to go on for another 10 days?? Ick!

This morning before my partner went to work, we tried giving her the eye cream. How do you do this, smear some in the corner of her eye??? I wish they were eye drops in liquid form,then that would be much easier. I think I got more cream on her face than in her eye.

Any suggestions?

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Aw you poor thing and poor Nikita

What I did when Suki had her teeth out was actually to remove the lampshade collar, it was to stop her scratching her chin, but she couldn't walk, eat or sleep. But as you can't do this I suggest you get her a nice soft blanket/beanbag and sleep next to her, on the floor if you have too, I did with Suki. When she's settled cover her with a blanket to keep her warm. You'll not get any sleep, but while your cat is lying there she'll feel more secure and safer.

As for cream for her eyes, I dunno, I'd wash my hands in hot water, let them cool then apply the cream into the corner of her eyes with the tip of my finger. Contact the vet and ask for guidence, maybe he can prescibe some drops instead.

Keep us posted.
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Russian Blue, I'm going to move this to the Health and Nutrition forum where your questions can be answered better. Hope Nakita is better soon!!
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Hi Kassandra,

I am glad that Nakita is home now. I would lay on the floor with her at night if I were you. Make her a soft bed of a pile of blankets so when she lays on top, she can put her head over the side and the lip of the collar rests on the floor and supports her head. Personally, I always take the collars off-but as my cats are wild, it is a choice I make to lower their stress level. The cats will lick the incision because it either hurts, burns or itches and it annoys them. Like a large flea (my vet tells me)

The eye ointment should go under the bottom eyelid. Have someone hold Nakita, wrap her in a heavy towel so if she struggles no one (including her) will get hurt. Take your finger and gently pull down her bottom eyelid, squeeze the ointment along the rim. "Gently" pull the lower rim up and gently rub her eye to disperse the cream. Do not put the tip of the tube on her eye at any time. Make sure her neck is scruffed when you do this, even if she is being held, because she may jerk her head and jam her eye.

I am glad she is back safely. She will be unhappy for awhile. You can lower her stress level some more, by taking a tiny bit of vanilla extract and place it under her nose- just a dot. This will help her get over "smelling the vet smells" that she came home with and will help her wind down.

Feed her canned cat food, comfort her all you can. She will be fine.
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Thanks for the suggestions.

It was a little easier applying the cream the way you described Hissy. It's hard to to medicine application when your such a newbie at this!

I did and will be sleeping with her. I know that helps a lot. I made a separate bed for her to lie in, but throughout the night she kept coming to me to go under the sheets.

At least I know she was comforted that way. Today, she looked really depressed because of the collar making her mobility difficult. I took it off for a while and sat beside her. She spent a good half hour cleaning her whole body. I had to keep reminding her not to go near the stitches.

I think that is her main problem with the collar, it does not allow her to wash herself. And as you know, that is a cat's life of constant grooming.

Well, 9 days to go and counting. Again your help is much appreciated!!
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