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Vibes for Rhani the pup

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I know i've told you guys about Rhani, Tristans pup. She is a Terrier x, and about 14 years old. She has cataracts and cannot have an operation to remove them due to her age. She can see light and shapes, but not clearly like a well sighted animal or human. She also is pretty much deaf and has bad arthritis in her back legs. Forgetting all of that, she is a very happy dog:

Being on glucosamine and other medication to help with the pain, Tristan reackons she doesn't notice it, also due to not being completely aware of things due to her age. She runs about sometimes and she comes to visit us by sticking her head in the cat flap to say hello, she can't fit the rest of herself through there lol. I call her the smiling tap dancing dog, because her nails tap on the kitchen tiles and she always looks like she has a smile plastered on her face like everything is perfect.

Anyway, i may have mentioned, maybe a month or so ago when i was at Tristans, Rhani was on her way into the laundry for some food, the corner of the mat (a very thin rubber one to stop her slipping) folded a little under her foot, and she fell over. Now as she is probably only a foot and a bit tall, she just went *plop* sideways, not far to fall. I picked her up and told Wendy what happened. She went back on her old medication. The vets for some reason changed it thinking she needed to be more bouncy but it didn't help. So the last month she's been back on the old one which really helps her.

Tristan had warned me that if she wasn't getting better she may have to be pts. Apparently its a harder decision as they don't know how much puppy is suffering. He told me a few hours ago that last night Rhani was running about and her leg just gave in, and she couldn't walk at all! She may have just sprained something but it's got me really worried. She is walking about now but they have to keep an eye on her for the next couple of days, because we don't know what happened.

I'm always worried, she sleeps alot and whenever i walk past her i have to stop and make sure she is breathing, you know how our cats do that..they take a long breath and you freak out? Even sometimes she doesn't realise her tongue is out when she sleeps and she doesn't move when i poke her, i have to rub her chin to make her put it back in her mouth, and her tongue is all dry

Can i please please please have big vibes for Rhani. She is a beautiful thing. I have become very attached to all of Tristans animals and i couldn't imagine her passing away.


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Sending hugs and prayers for Rhani and for Tristian.

Our beloved Sambo had cateracts too, Sambo was sick for quite a while before we had to put him to sleep.

Please tell Tristian I am thinking about him.

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oh my bless sweet Rhani and what a difficult time for all

Lots and lots of mega healthy (((((( vibes ))))) whizzing over

Keep us posted if you can we are all thinking of Rhani, Tristan and you
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Aaaah, she is such a little cutie I am sending many vibes for her
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Aww, she is so pretty. Bless her sweet soul. Many <<vibes>> to her.
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Oh Bless her sweet heart, many vibes for her
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What a pretty girl. Sending many vibes her way.
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Poor little sweetie! I will keep her and Tristian in my prayers. She is a lovely girl with a lovely name!
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))))))))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Absolutely so many good vibes for her health!
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Oh Emma.... I really hope Rhani can be around for many more years....but she has had 14 wonderful years.
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Thanks for all your replies guys. Ive been told she was up and about last night but wobbly (a little more so) but was asleep before Tristan went to work so have to wait again.
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