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Kitten and mom eye discharge

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I've been with my wife for a year and a half now. When we first moved out together she brought her mom's cat along (Bebe), which was great. I knew that she wouldn't end up hating my cat (Crumple) since she'd have one of her own. Well much to my dismay I found that her cat has never been to the vet. She's now almost 2 years old and still hasn't been, please don't berate me. But about 3 months ago she had a litter of kittens. She stays indoors about 90% of the time. Well her kittens developed this constant eye discharge and crust. Their eyes frequently stuck shut, I'd open them and clean them and they'd be good for a few days. We tried that antibiotic cream that you put on their eyes. Well we're down to 1 kitten now, 2 found homes. We've heard the other 2 don't have this eye discharge anymore. The kitten also sneezes frequently, usually on us. Could this be tied to something in our house such as cigarette smoke? Would a better furnace filter help? The momcat has it sometimes as well but not as bad as her kittens did. My cat (Crumple) who has had shots and stuff has a discharge from 1 eye but it seems to come from her tear duct. I went to the vet for this once and he gave me that antibiotic cream I mentioned above but it doesn't do anything.

What's wrong with my kittens eyes and why does he sneeze alot?
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Sounds like it's a URI(Uppery Respiratory Infection). Honestly, they can kill a cat. Both mom & baby need to be to the vet. Your cat will likely get it as it is spread through the air. Usually, it's treated with eye ointment & antibiotics.

While mom & baby are at the vet....get them started on vaccinations. Set spay/neuter appts. Also, test them for Feline Leukemia. There are sooo many unwanted cats & kittens out there, it really is vital they get fixed.
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If its discharge from the eyes, it might be(but hopefully not), conjunctivitis. This can be pretty bad if not treated. There was a litter of cats born on my grandma's farm and all 4 kitties developed conjunctivitis. The littlest one had it so bad, her eyes had swelled up and there was a thick mass of gunk all over her eyes. Me and my grandma tried to help her by cleanig her eyes daily and putting and cream from the vet, but it did not help and in the end, her eyes actually fell out!! Of course, this was a severe case and most likely it will not happen to your cat as long as you keep up with treating it on a regular basis.

And as for the cat with no eyeballs, my cousins adopted her and named her Oreo. Even though she has two empty sockets in her head, she goes about as if she can see. Its quite amazing! She is truly a miracle cat.

Here's the cuddley kitty now!

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