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Amazing Cats

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Found this site on the internet today !!
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Ha Ha!!! Great pics!! and the Scottish fold was called Merlot!! Looks nothing like My Merlot though.. :laughing:
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Wow, those are neat photos! Good to train the cat to actually use the loo, but I wonder if he flushes? Maybe I could train Peedoodle to do the same thing LOL!
Cats never cease to amaze me, especially Peedoodle!


:laughing2 :laughing2
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Those pictures are so cool I love the loo ones, wonder if they wipe their bums after?
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No Bunn, I dont think they would wipe their bums afterwards, I have had to wipe Peedoodles on several occasions and one time had to give him a bath when the poos just wouldnt come off. Its like I said to my mother, Peedoodle is like having another child, he makes the same mess, we have to clean his bum, etc etc, all that stuff that you have to do when you have kids. But Im sure all those with cats know LOL
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Oh yes - especially with persians - they have NO toilet sense, Fifi once had a claggy waggy (thanks to the late great Ian Dury for that epxression . . .), and she scooted her bum along one of my persian rugs (appropriate I suppose) to clean it.

So not only did she need a bath, the rug did too. I laugh now, but at the time . . . GRRRRRRR!!!!
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