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We're SO mean!!

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So Evie is TOTALLY spoiled. She is completely addicted to the bathroom sink water. Not the kitchen, not the tub, not her own freshly washed and filled water dish, not even the dogs' water dish!

Unfortunately, and I blame this on Evie our bathroom sink is clogged- BADLY. I think it's all her fur!! So today we've been filling it full of Liquid Plumber and other stuff, including these crystal things that make our sink look like a mini-volcano!

Suffice it to say, Evie does NOT approve! Because they're all poisonus, we haven't let her near the bathroom, let alone to drink out of the sink! She was ok at first, but for a while now she has been loudly complaining that this is not to her satisfaction.

Poor thing, her mommy and daddy are just SO mean to her, not letting her have her water for hours now!! Don't we know that her water is more important than being able to use the sink??
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lol cute, heyu used to do that sink thing all the time, but after i got a couple of the drinkwell things she stopped.
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Didn't you know that you needed to ask her permission 1st?
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