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well, actually, formula. for those of you who'll read this and didn't read my 'need prayers' post from last week...

Nina, my best friend, has a sweet little boy, about 5 months old now... well, he's currently in the hospital due to extreme allergies/eczema/inability to eat.... she is lactose intolerant, and believes she's passed this on to him... so no milk. She also now believes he has a SOY allergy... so no soy-based products... and also now no corn syrup in the formula. She can no longer breast-feed... due to his soy allergy. They can't do actual allergy testing until he's older.

So, for those of you with babies... any tips? She has now pressed me into finding a suitable formula... I'll do more digging in actual stores. I have access to more 'healthy' stores than she does, as I'm in Portland and she's in Reno. I only got these details when I got home from work tonight, so I haven't had much of a chance... but I'll hit places like Whole Foods and TJ's and some other places... but I figured I'd look for info online... I googled 'baby formula' and got a few hits, but no one puts their ^$%$#^%$# ingredient lists online... jerks.

Any suggestions?