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Info on kittens/fostering with resident cats?

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I was supposed to foster kittens not ready for adoption through the humane society, but then I found two cats that stole me and adopted them. I wanted to get them adjusted before bringing home kittens.

Now I am concerned. I was told today (and wasn't PREVIOUSLY!) that kittens will need to be kept separate from the resident cats due to any potential illness an adult may have. UGH. OK, while I understand that, I am really let down!! I totally want to do this, but I don't have any extra rooms to close off! We have two bedrooms down and then the refinished attic. One bedroom is my son and daughter's room and the other is ours. One of the resident cats sleeps with us every night on our bed and my daughter ends up crawling in bed with us early in the morning. Just due to the nature of our lives, I don't think we can close off any bedroom. The attic doesn't have a way to be closed off PLUS it gets REALLY hot up there in the summer. We have a window thing up there (our central air doesn't make it up there), but it isn't so great. Our bathroom is small, too, not that I think it would be nice to keep kittens trapped in a stupid bathroom like ours.

So am I just hung out to dry now on this?? I thought about one of our child-gates but then I am sure our adult cats could very easily jump over those suckers. UGH.

Any other solutions??? If I would've known ahead of time, I would've waited on adopting any resident cat!!
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HI - even if you hadn't adopted the resident cats, you would have still needed a separate room to foster, especially if it would mainly be kittens. In the UK, some rescues provide outdoor pens for people to foster, would that be an option for you? The other option is a very large dog cage, but I only use those as a last resort, I dont think they are the best, although they would be better for kittens than adults (I rarely foster kittens). Maybe a long chat with the HS?
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I am fostering 4-5 week old kittens...I had them in my bedroom in a childs "pack n play" .. They figured out real fast how to get out and if they hear my voice, they start wailing. I have a huge dog age and now they are in my laundry room. I let them out during the day at times to roam the house. Kittens that age still do not have control of there potty functions and will go anywhere. So they have to be watched. I do have house cats (6) and they mingle when the kitten are out. My cats are all vaccinated and I really do not see a problem. all are pretty healthy.. with the exception of one kitten who got dewormed and flea treated yesaterday (another post). Waiitng for humane society to open to consult a vet there. Good Luck on fostering!
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I worry more about my cat catching something from foster kittens than the other way around. I do have them in their own room though, but bring a couple kittens upstairs sometimes to play with my kitty. He loves them. Good luck.
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Umm, I dont konw what to tell you then, you will just have to do your best and try to confine them somehow! Do you have a basement or anything?
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