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I'm having so much trouble with this story

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The situation of the 24 Iraqi's being killed by US troops in Haditha. What does everyone think, I am SO totally on the fence on this one.


If these Marines did indeed murder civilians, then justice should be served, it needs to be served.

But being totally realistic and un-PC...how do they know these people were civilians. Insurgents don't wear uniforms, carry no provisions, only a few magazines of ammo and a rifle, or an RPG and 3 or 4 rockets. An insurgent gets hit, falls dead...another takes his rifle and the little ammo he has and presto...as far as the media and propogandists are concerned...he's a civilian.

Is there anyway any of us not in the middle of all that can really know whats going on? I used to watch the news for hours, but now, I'm not so sure.
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It must indeed be hard to tell civilians from the fighters, especially when you are under fire yourself. I think I'd like to know more about it before I made up my mind on this one. I'm off to trawl through the 'net now.

What bothers me more are the 'friendly' fire incidents. It seems to happen all the time - why? I would have thought that with better communications equipment these sort of incidents would happen less often.
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This is a hard one. Hopefully, all the true facts will come out at trial.

Friendly fire accidents happen, it is war, mistakes are made, it has happened in every war. It is a terrible thing. Think how the soldiers that mistakenly do that must feel. They would never get over something like that.
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It is hard to say what really happened there. War is difficult to watch from a distance, when you are up close and right in it I believe sometimes reason is left behind when a violent lose is suffered. I believe that the troops reacted blindly and civilians MAY have been killed. IMO - it is the responsibility of the commanding officer to gauge the mood of his troops and change or re-assign them accordingly.
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Iraq is a stressful place. I agree that it must be extremely difficult to determine who is what and di it accurately. In my heart I believe these Marines are not murderers. I believe they did what they thought they had to do to stay alive. I hope the facts and the courts find the same thing I believe.
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