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Heroic new friend

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There's a new neighborhood cat that seems to like to spend most of his time watching me. Whenever I'm outside he just sits across the street and stares at me... so I guess he was sussing me out.

Apparently he approves! I found him this morning under my car...

And he's a hero too! He saved me from an evil garter snake... or at least I think it was him that left it as a 'present' on my front lawn
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AWWWWWWW! He's so cute!
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A very cute hero
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Looks like you have an admirer! He is cute (what I can see of him anyway!)
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What a cutie pie
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What a handsome boy he is! Do you know whose cat he is? Maybe he is hanging out at your house, protecting you from snakes, etc because he needs a new home!
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I haven't figured out whose cat he is yet. There are two that look almost identical (the other I call "mouser" because every time I see her she has a mouse in her mouth).. but this one has more black on his back and the black patches over his eyes are just a little different.

So I've seen one of them over at the house on the street behind me... and I think one of them is their cat... but at that distance, it's hard to tell which one is which

There's also a new all black cat roaming the neighborhood. I've only seen him once.... don't know whose he is either.

It's unfortunate, but I seem to live in an area where people don't seem to know much about taking care of their pets. Dogs roaming constantly - although someone called the animal cops and put an end to that.... 3 stray roaming cats that I know of... and then theres the neighbor whose cat just had kittens and she gave them out to all the neighborhood kids when the kittens were just a few weeks old... and the ones that she couldn't find homes for yet the two kids across the street were playing with in their driveway. They offered DH one, but he turned them down... although it did give me a chance to explain to the kids that these cats were too young to be away from their mom and really shouldn't be outside (way too young to have shots, so they really could catch anything...)

But I do what I can. I don't think I'd be able to take him in and be a furever home (he seems a bit too feral still)... but I've had outdoor ferals before and they were always well taken care of... so I'll do what I can for him.

It's really just a shame. Sometimes I think there should be a class in school (or at least a mandatory assembly) talking about proper pet care.. because the kids are obviously not learning it at home....

Erm sorry... I'm a babbler
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aww he looks a handsome fella, I hope he has a home !
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