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Cat freak out

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I have noticed that when Peedoodle is concentrating on something really hard, and you touch him, he will jump a mile. He did that again last night, when he jumped on my bed and his foot must have touched a crease on the blanket and he got a fright and jumped so high. (there was nothing there to indicate that it would hurt him or anything like that). I have seen cats do that on funniest home videos and Peedoodle's recent episode just made me wonder why cats do that. Is it the result of previous abuse or all of them are like that?
It can be funny to watch when they are watching something that isnt even there and when you touch them, its like major freak out time!

Kellye (c:
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Jedi does that often too. And it usually is when he is fixated on something and either we touch him or something catches his eye and he jumps a mile high! :tounge2: His back is all arched out and his hair sticks straight out like he got a bad perm! :laughing: :laughing:
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They are just startled for a moment. Mine do the same. Walking into a room while they are scoping something out or opening a door will set them off.
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Yep mine do that too, we bought a little toy piggy a while agoe that when you switch it on, walks along and "oinks" and its nose twitches, we turned it on in front of Ash once and he leapt up and backwards oooo fast!! Just like a cartoon, all four paws bounced off the floor at the same time!! :LOL: :LOL: Mean to laugh, but so funny... (the pig has since been lost, hmmmm very suspicious....)
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LOL. I do this to my cats sometimes. Mostly to Asim and Tage. Sense Asim likes to harass Isha, sometimes when he's fixated, and about to pounce on her, I'll pounce on him and it flips him out.!

It's fun.
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Nakita did that when she first came home with us. We have a very fluffy duvet comforter and when she went on our bed,she would start to sink into it. I think she thought the duvet was eating her and she would jump a mile high. But of course, she would fall back down onto the comforter and then start to sink in again, and again jumped a mile high.

This was hilarious to watch (unfortunately I didn't have a camcorder). It looked like she was on a trampoline! But I eventually took her off because I was scared she would have a heart attack!

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Hubby thinks this is the funniest thing to do to poor Trent. One time Trent actually did a back flip about 2 feet up in the air. I couldn't help but laugh at that one! Another time Ophelia got spooked when hubby wiggled his foot under the blankets. He was trying to play Monster Under the Blanket. She jumped, poofed and ran. It took a good 3 months before she wouldn't freak out if there was any foot movement under the blankets.
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