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Went to petco tonite...

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And spent $30 I finally got at least one harness and a leash, its so cute..its pink with white paws on it Then I of course bought some toys I knew my friend shouldnt have offered to take me there then I went to walmart, and well went broke

But now I can take Stormie (the one who always wants to go out when I am out) and well I told my mom its her turn to buy Blues
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YAY!! Glad you had fun, going broke!!
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Woohooo! Sounds like fun! I think DH has figured it out, that if he lets me go to Petsmart alone, I won't come back with just cat food! It's just something I can't help!
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Ya luckily, I ran out of money It is so expensive there,

Then I got into it with the cashier because I didnt have my card, and I gave her my phone number and she said are u sure thats ur phone number then I spelled the last name and she kept spelling it wrong, as I was spelling it out I said forget it just ring me up already

The next task now...getting the harness on either Blue or Stormie
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Sounds like fun. I too love Petco, but I always have to set my limit before I enter the store, otherwise I would walk away with soooo many toys etc. for my bunch.
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Petco is a dirty word in my house! Escpeically if we are broke! I went in with Lee to get the girls a couple new feather wands. Lee went wandering off into the kitty tunnels and ended up buying them one! What should have costed us under $10 costed us about $50!!
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I rarely get out of there without spending at least $100, but then again, we go thru a lot of dog and cat food at my household!

I'll turn it around and congratulate you for limiting yourself to only $30!
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Wow $30 is good when walking into Petco. Half the time I walk out spending $50 or so. However its the only place around me that sells the Purina One Naturals and that's the only thing that I found that Beauty will eat.

Congrats on your new stuff though!!
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