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I was very shocked that the pretty girl let me get close enough to photo her. I took some Saturday and some Sunday. She is 10 years old and her nickname is "peanut". She is the smallest of the 7 kitties.

This was just before she ran away.

Again just before she ran away.
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Aww, she's very pretty.
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She is lovely. she looks as if she doesn't trust the camera, it might be fierce
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What a lovely little girl!!
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She is gorgeous
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She doesn't look like she is about to run away - she looks pretty contented! Very lovely girl!
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awww, what a sweetie....
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She's adorable
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She is such a pretty girl!
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She's very beautiful...
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aww bless her you can see she has that 'umm no, not sure I like this' look on her face.

She is a darling
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