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Hi, I'm new

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Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I went to a animal shelter two weeks ago and picked out me a new kitty. I had talked to people but instead of purchasing one from someone i decided i would rather save a life. So now I am the proud owner of a 12 week old solid white kitten. She doesnt seem to have any other color but sometimes if you look at her tail just right she looks like she has rings around it. I'll try to get pictures up soon of her. Love this site its great.
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Welcome to the site! Candi sounds like a real baby doll. I'm sure she thanks you for saving her every day. I can't wait to see pics of her, she sounds just beautiful!

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. There are so many knowedgable people here who can help with just about any questions you may have about little Candi. And it's just a great place to hang out, get to know some of the nicest people around, and blather on endlessly about our furry loves.

I look forward to getting to know you and Candi in the forums. Jump right in!
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Hi there and welcome. Candi sounds lovely. Wow, a 12 week old kitty. Lucky you! Makes me want to rush out and get me a new little fluffy . . . Look forward to seeing the piccies.
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White kitties are great and so cute. Nice to have you aboard, make sure in summer you put suntan lotion on the tips of your pure white kittie's ears.
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Hi, Candi girl! I'm glad you found us. I am partial to solid white and solid black cats, and have had one of each ever since I got married! Right now I have two Siamese--a long story! Anyway, white cats are beautiful. My last one. Creampuff, had blue eyes; her hearing was fine. She was beautiful.
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First i want to thank everyone for there nice reply's and welcomes. Now i will try to post a picture of her i dont know how well they will turn out so hopefully it will be clear enough to see.
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Welcome to you and Candi. I hope you can get a picture posted, I'm new to this site and to kitties in general, and I've never seen a white cat in person before ! So I can't wait to see your little one.
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this isnt working i cant seem to get the pictures small enough i give up sorry i really wanted to put one on her.
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Candi - feel free to email me the photo....

I will downsize it, and post it for you....
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Hopefully you will do a better job of getting it on here than i did cant get the camera to work right. I cant seem to get any of them to work they all say they are to big.
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Candi Girl's - white kitten
(does the kitten have a name yet??)
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Candi but i just dont seem to like it that well and neither does the kids my husband's ideal which its cute but i dont know i wanted a really special name for her since i rescued her from the pound. Thanks for putting the picture one here.
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Give yourself time to learn her personality. She'll name herself. She's such a cutie!
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Oh she's a sweet baby! I bet she's happy to be in her new home!
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What a beautiful kitten!!
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Hi, I'm new as well. Congrats on your new little Kitty. Candi is such a cute name, I wanted to name my kitty that as well (Candy-cause I love my candy-ever since I quit smoking) but then we found it was a boy and my boyfriend didnt want to name him Candi so we came to agree on Simba.
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I think she is just great. My husband isnt much into kitty's but i think she is growing on him. Thanks for all the nice reply's. Also what is some good cat food. I want to give her the better food. Thanks for any reply's i may get.
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Welcome, she's a little doll!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome! She's gorgeous and I'm sure she will bring great joy to your household.

My Mushka has a week-old kitten, so we have a new addition to the household too!
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Congrats on your new addition Krissi!!

Candi Girl - Kittens have a way of working their way into anyone's heart, and they also know who they need to work on most. Give it a little time and Candi will have hubby wrapped around her little paw.

As for the food question, that is a very well debated topic around here. The basic consensus is to find a good quality food with meat as the primary ingredients (not corn), and find something that your kitty likes and that agrees with her. If you go to you can compare nutritional information and the top 10 ingredients.

Here's a few threads that you may find helpful. The first two address your question more specifically, but they all have good info.
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