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Traumatic (but sweet) vet visit

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Just got back from taking my formerly feral littermates, Peter and Claire, to the vet. I don't usually take two at time, but Pete was due for his annual exam and Claire has an ear infection.

It was pretty traumatic for both of them. Pete's known around the vet's office as "the petrified cat" because he goes all stiff when anybody handles him. Claire got rather fiesty when the vet tried pulling her out of the carrier, so we ended up needing to remove the top to get her out.

The great news is that she couldn't detect Pete's heart murmur, an indication that the meds are helping manage his HCM. He's due for another ultrasound in Oct. Claire's got some ointment for her ear and will be fine.

The sweet moment came when the vet pulled Claire out of the carrier. Pete was already on the exam table totally petrified. Claire crawled over and laid down as close to Pete as she possibly could. Then she groomed him, he nuzzled her and they snuggled close together. I know they were both scared, but it was so sweet to see how they tried comforting each other. That's typical of them.

Now that we're home, Claire's out and about and doing fine. Pete's under the sink, though, and will probably be there for a while. As many of you already know that's his refuge when he's traumatized, rather it's by a vet visit or an exhuberant foster kitty.
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Aww.. how sweet of claire to confort poor Pete.
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That is soo sweet!! Give Claire and Pete some scritches for me
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That is so sweet, your babies are precious
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Oh that is so sweet! That just brought tears to my eyes!
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Awww! Poor babies!

Glad to hear that they were able to take comfort with each other though. I think you did the right thing taking both together. It sounds like it might have been worse for them had they been alone.
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How sweet that they were there for each other!!! I'm glad they are doing ok!
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Aww, how sweet. They were giving one another comfort..
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Eileen - that is precious.

We always take our two to the vet together even if only one is scheduled to see the vet. They also seem to comfort each other and they don't smell different to each other when they get home which is a bonus.
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Mmmmmmm how weird to hear a cat being called the same name as mine!! Hee hee I like those names


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