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HEY!!! Stop that!! I'm calm... caaaaalm.. breathing.....
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Those butterflies started in your stomach yet?

They did when I was learning to drive. An hour before the instructor arrived I'd have to run to the toilet. While waiting I'd be waggling my leg nervously.

I say get a scooter
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Yes thanks!!! :laughing: and I'm the same before the instructor comes.. a loo trip at least three times
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Good thing to be nervous, means you concentrate more The loo roll goes down faster though.
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You're right, on both accounts!! :laughing2
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Go Bod Go!

Just imagine me in the back seat chanting that during your test and you'll either do great or crash the car.
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Good luck on the theory test!
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Is it time yet? Is it time yet? ... "Are we there yet, are we there yet?" LOL! GOOD LUCK!!!!
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I just saw this thread now...

Sending positive "theory driving" vibes...

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WELL???????? How did it go????? I have been wondering!!!! Tell us, tell us!!!!!!!! I'll bet you did GREAT!!!!! Don't keep us in suspense any longer, girl!!!!
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Come on! Rhea? You must know by now!

Driving in the UK was lots of fun for us - the dangerous crocodile hunter sort of fun I wanted to rent an automatic but hubby insisted that a manual was just fine (and less expensive). So manual it had to be! Here's the funny thing, I just couldn't change gear with my left hand! I don't know how you English people do that (though my hubby managed to do that as well). So, what I had to do was let go of the steering wheel and change gears with both hands Can you imagine doing that on the highway We were travelling with another friend (a guy) and both him and my dear husband shrieked whenever I had to do that The worst part was those roundabouts. Let me tell you there is no way you can drive in one of them without holding the steering wheel - which for me meant I couldn't change gears and slow down. so there I was speeding around those darn circles again and again while my hubby was trying to figure out which exit we should take

Actually driving in London was easier than we had thought. The drivers are so polite (compared to our lot) and I navigated really well (no, I wasn't driving at the time). Wales was the worst place to drive at. Not only are those roads so narrow, they also put stone walls at the side of the roads so you really have nowhere to run to. Then when a lorrie (truck) comes in front of you all you can do (or at least all I could do while I was driving) is pray real hard

So far for my UK driving experience. Can't wait to get back there but not necessarily as a driver but I need to know Rhea, will you be there on the roads as well?
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Well, how did it go? We are all waiting breathlessly to hear?
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I'm a good driver in the driveway - honest!

C'mon Rhea, do tell!
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We're all dying of curiousity!!!! If things didn't go well, we're here with hugs! HELP - WE NEED TO KNOW!!!!
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I think she forgot about us! :laughing: Where are you, Rhea??
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:laughing2 Sorry guys!! :laughing:
Wellllllll..... the news is.........

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And not only did I pass, but I got EVERY single question RIGHT!!!! (scuse me while I blow my own trumpet!! :laughing: ) YIppee!! I'm so pleased I won't have to do it again!!! :laughing2
Thanks for all your well wishes everyone, they must've helped as I didn't know what the hec I was doing in the second part!! :laughing: (its a new part of the test, and a complete mess if you ask me, a really stupid way to test you... but anyway...)

Anne, that is too funny about your driving over here!! :LOL: :LOL: Bless ya!!! and yes, hopefully next time you come, I'll be on the roads, so you'll have one more thing to worry about!! :laughing:
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Oooo, I think I'm the first to congratulate you! Now there's the practical...

Good luck for that and well done for this!

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Congratulations me old bud! I thought you'd fail miserably and decided never to show your face here again

You beat the Uni student next door, she got 90% on her theory, passed her driving test and then never got a car. Her Dad offered to get her a Mini, but she wanted a new car. Damn, I would have loved a Mini, a car with character and so reliable. Kids are way to spoilt.:tounge2:
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Woo Hoo Rhea!! Congratulations mate!!
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Rhea girl. WELL DONE!!

And 100%? Well, I'm impressed!

I hope you went down the pub and celebrated with gallons of malibu and pineapple!
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Hee hee!! Thanks all!!! Yes I know... the practical is looming... EEKS!! But thankfully I do have a about 3-4 months before that as there is a waiting list, so I have some time to practice!!

BuNN, I'd love a Mini too - a new one!! :laughing: Nah I'd love an old one too, I just think they are so cool, but I don't think I'd get the dogs in it so maybe not.. Hmmm....

Yola, well we didn't have any Malibu but, we did have a couple bottles of white wine in the fridge.. soo.... :laughing: I couldn't believe I got it all right, really, in the second part it was rediculous!! Still now I've passed, I can forget all that useless information... who needs to know road signs etc anyway!?!??!!? :laughing:
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Congratulations Bodlover! Way to go!
I would love a mini too, they are hard to come by here (the old ones that is) but a friends son has one of the new ones, and personally I prefer the old ones. I love classic cars
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Gheesh! You sure kept us in suspense long enough!

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Guess what? My husband restored an old Mini (Morris Mini) and shows it. I buy him accessories for Christmas. Once I paid a fortune for an interior. The girls and I sat around yawning while my sons and husband ooed and ahhed over some cardboard covered with fuzz. My daughter asked, "What's that, an instant interior? Do you have to add water?"
Then Jack brought the wheels for the Mini. I asked if he got them at the Bagel shop in Pittsburgh. I tease him, but he enjoys the hobby and wins lots of trophies. He shows an MG and a Saab too. So why can't we get the roof fixed??????

Anyway, I'm proud of you, Rhea. You know that!
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YAAAAAAAAY, RHEA!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!

I am so happy to hear you passed, and with flying colors!!!!

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Way to Go!
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