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Good thoughts please!! :)

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Well, I have the first part of my driving test tomorrow afternoon!! ITs only the theory part, so HOPEFULLY I should be ok, I've been studying like a !!! But there is also a new part that has just been added a timed hazard awareness test, you watch video clips and are timed on how quickly you spot potential hazards.. if you take too long, you fail, and if you fail that bit, you fail the whole thing..... eeee, oh well, I hope I'm ready!!
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Holy Crow, is that what the new tests are going to be like? Over here in Canada they instilled a new way of getting your licence. You take three tests. The first is your learners, with that you're allowed to drive around with an adult while you learn, then after so many hours of that, you can take your "new" drivers test, with that you can drive around without someone else in the car for 18 months, THEN after that, you get to take a final test and then your licence is yours. Spotting potential hazards seems kinda easy, but who knows what they're going to fire at you!. I hope we don't get that test here. We all know that you guys are way ahead of us, so it just might happen...eep!
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I don't know Tamme, you're sounds like more work!!! Ours is just an expensive pain in the butt!! First of all, we have to pay to get a "Provisional lisence" (£22, about $29 US)which you need to be able to take lessons, then you have to pay for you lessons (and they AIN'T CHEAP!, I'm paying £16.50 an hour! which is about $21-$22 in US I think). Then you have to pay to take a Theory test (which is the one I'm doing tomorrow) which has now gone UP in price due to the new "Hazard Awareness" part, so that cost me £18.50 (about $23 US) then you have to pay to take your practical test which is about £32 I think ($39 US) and THEN you have to pay to change your lisence from a Provisional to a full lisence!! UGH!! I'm soooo BROKE!!! :laughing:
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Bod - You'll be fine, just remember we drive on the LEFT in this country

Good luck
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Oh and by the way, over here you can't drive on your own at all untill you've passed the final test, and you can't drive on motorways (highways?) until then either.
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OH YEAH!!! THanks BuNN!!! :laughing:
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Oh yeah and DON'T do what I did.

The instructor asked me to slowly raise the clutch, I reached for the handbrake, all this while moving at 30 mph on a busy duel carriage way, the instructor turned a lovely shade of white :tounge2:

I passed on my 6th attempt, and I hate driving.
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:laughing: :laughing2 Oh BuNN!!! I feel better now!! So far on my lessons all I've done REALLY wrong was start the engine while it was in first gear, the car lurched forward and nearly hit someone crossing the street!! :laughing: OOOPS!
I hate driving too, I'm only doing it cos I NEED to... ah well, I'm sure once I've done it I'll be gratfull I can go out an about without relying on other people...
Oh and the other night hubby took me out driving, I had my first Road Rage incident!! :laughing: I was waiting to pull out at a junction, there was a car coming, but it was a little way off, I watched it and he flashed me, so I pulled out, then realised he wasn't slowing down to let me out at all - he had his stupid FOG LIGHTS on!!! When he'd gone over a bump in the road it'd looked like he flashed me, I slammed on the brakes and he stopped behind me flashing me like crazy!! ARGH!!!! THATS why its ILLEGAL to drive with your FOG LIGHTS on in CLEAR WEATHER!!!! ARRRRGH!!! :laughing:
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ha ha BOD, that's funny, I always get mad at Darrell when he gets road rage, but I know it's going to happen to me one day when I get my licence.

Also, all those tests I told you about aren't free, they each cost about $50 canadian (which I assume is about the same that you pay). But here, you can take this course that's about $800 canadian and it teaches you everything you need to know about driving, and you're guaranteed to pass,as long as you go everyday. But at the end, you're still only left with your Learners. You still have to go and take your 'new' licence and then your 'real' licence. It's a real pain in the A$$. Probably why I haven't gone and done it yet. But you do get a certain percentage off your insurance if you take the course.:tounge2:
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First of all, I'm sure you will do just fine when you take your test tomorrow!

And now I want to say that I wish they would have a Spotting A Potential IDIOT Test for the license examiners over here.

I have been involved in accidents twice because IDIOTS were allowed to have a drivers license. The first time my car was the last one in a line of cars waiting for a traffic light to change. My car was suddenly hit from the back and was pushed into the car in front of it. The frame on my car was damaged and the car was considered totaled The complete IDIOT who caused the accident was a 17 year old boy who started crying and told the cop that he wasn't looking at the road when the accident happened. He was looking at the sidewalk instead because he thought he saw someone he knew.

The second time I was waiting for oncoming traffic to pass so I could turn left. A guy in a very nice brand new car was waiting behind me. This new car was suddenly hit from behind with a lot of force and was pushed into my car, which was turned completely around by the force of the accident. The brand new car was very heavily damaged and was a total loss, and I had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. We had 4 or 5 police cars at this accident. The IDIOT who caused all of this was another 17 year old boy, and this one was also uninsured. He started crying and told the cops that he wasn't looking at the road when the accident happened. He was looking at the sidewalk instead because he thought he saw someone he knew.

Mentioning potiental hazards reminded me of all the IDIOTS who are out on the roads.
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We know you will do great. It all seams over whelming at first but I am sure you will get the hang of it.

BuNN I hate driving as well. So I can see thr frustration.

Our prayers and best wishes will be with you when you take the test.

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You'll do fine on your test Rhea. We have faith in you!

Gosh it sounds a lot harder to get your license anywhere but here. You can get a learner's permit at age 15 1/2 where you have to have someone over 21 with you. Then at age 16 you can test for your real license, a written test and driving test. It was cake when I did it! Almost every 16 year old gets their license here, accounting for about 75% of the IDIOTS that Lorie was talking about (16-18 year olds). BTW Lorie, it sounds like they should outlaw sidewalks in Minnesota. That seems to be a real problem for those teens. LOL
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I'm keeping well away from Leicester.....hehe only joking, you'll be fine.
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Just read this post - hope I'm not too late to wish you tons and tons of luck for your theory. My stepson (he who took 8 goes to pass his driving test) passed his theory first time.

If he can do it - you definitely can!!
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Wow! Your guys tests are something else. I only had to get a learner's permit and have so many hours of driving. Then just a written test and road test and cone parallel park!I failed the cone test and had to retake it! I wish you luck! Just be calm and you'll do fine!
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I waited until I was 21 to get my license. No permit, just written and driving test!

I know you will do fine! (((hugs)))
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Fingers crossed for you
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I'm sure you'll do just fine! Sending hugs, support and lots of calming thoughts your way....

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The powers that be not only make it difficult. They make it so expensive that half of us would still be pedestrians. The whole process, as Rhea explained it, is as complicated and expensive as it could possibly be. Good luck, Rhea! We have faith in you!
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Good luck tomorrow, Rhea!!! I know you will do just fine!!!
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You will do just fine! The best advice I ever got about driving, is, "assume everyone else on the road is deaf, blind, and stupid!" It has worked out pretty well for me. In 24 years of driving I have had no serious accidents an only 1 ticket. Good luck! We are all pulling for you!!!
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Best of luck, BodLover!

I am so impressed with anyone who gets a drivers license in the UK. My husband is from England, and we went to visit his father there last year. His father very kindly offered us a car.

It was a manual. My dear boy had only ever driven automatics before, but he did really well. What really freaked me out though, was those massive roundabouts that are right next to another massive roundabout, so it's a multi-laned figure of 8 driving hell experience. (guess who was driving when we came upon one of those!).

(An aside - I love England. My first morning there, 27 December 2001, I woke up and it had snowed and it was just like a Christmas card. My husband's father lives in this 14th Century converted monastry with a moat and a thatched roof, so my every stereotypical fantasy of England was fulfilled on that day. This is kind-of in response to what BuNN said in another thread about England not getting snow, only slush.)

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Thanks all!! I'm at work for the morning today, and then (insert Indiana Jones music) I leave for the test!! Eeeks!! Just doing some last minute cramming... :laughing:

Naomi, wow!! I'd love to see your father in laws place!!! Name?? Address?? :laughing: As for those round abouts, yes, alas, we have a few in Leicester!! I shall, however, be avoiding them when I have passed my test!!! :laughing2 (of course though they take you round the worst ones on your actual test.... just to be fair an all )
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I Swindon - about 40 minutes up the motorway from me, there is a 'thing' called the Magic Roundabout.

Basically, it is a HUGE roundabout made up of little mini roundabouts - probably about 12 in total.

So as you're traversing around this huge circle you have cars coming at you from all sides approaching these series of mini roundabouts - AARRGHHHHH.

For a seasoned dirver used to London traffic this even freaked me out!!! As an aside - guys in the UK, have you been watching Britain's Worst Driver? As part of the final test, they got taken out on Park Lane and had to drive around Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner in this course they had been set.

I have never seen such a shambles - these people had NO sense of direction, NO road sense, and NO manners. I have to say, I was LMAO a I was watching this, because it's actually NOT anywhere near the most difficult part of London to drive in (Trafalgar Square is worse . . .)!
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Yola, good job I'm not planning any trips to Swindon!!! That would freak me out bigtime!! :laughing:

I haven't watched that show lately, but I have seen some of it.. and OMG, even I can drive better than some of them and I'm a LEARNER!!! :laughing2 I also like to watch "So you think you're a good driver" it just cracks me up... its nearly always couples on it, and one thinks they're a fab driver and the other one is crapping it in the passanger seat!! :LOL: :LOL:
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Good luck with your Theory Rhea. I'm going to show my age now and say that when I took my test at 18, it was just a driving test and a few questions afterwards! I passed first time, but that could have had something to do with the fact that it was held in a market town on their half day closing, so there was no-one about!

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Diana!! No fair!!! Hmm maybe I could arrange for my test on Christmas day!?!? Itd be pretty quiet then!! But then again, I guess they wouldn't let me... :laughing: Ah well.... As long as my actual DRIVING bit is in the day time, (ie not at rush hours) I should be ok.. hopefully...
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You not gone for that test yet? Stop spamming the forums and get ya butt out there and pass that test! We are all rooting for ya, we have faith in j00

Go Boddy, Go Boddy, Go Boddy!
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:laughing: Thanks BuNN, but I'm not leaving work till 2:30.. soo about 2 hours to go!!

and HEY!!!! ME!?!? SPAM!?!?!?!? I think not!! :laughing2
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Ooooo 2 hours to work yourself into a worry frenzy
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