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My cats are developing a whole bunch of new habits. Its really weird. Suddenly, Miki, the most timid of the two, loves to sleep in my bed when I go to sleep. She'll come get some pets and then curl up next to me to sleep. At some point last night, she was sleeping on my chest.

Tyran has taken to rolling over on her back everytime I come near her so I can rub her tummy. If she's in a playful mood, instead of biting my hand on her belly, she'll lick it. Also, Tyran is starting to like my laptop. I use it instead of my PC because the PC has a virus that I haven't gotten rid of yet. So I leave my laptop on and opened all day. I'll come home to find all sorts of stuff has been opened, like searching for a file. My cat is searching for a file. The one she was just looking for was xhfffffffffffffffffffffffff. lol. She's been sleeping on the keyboard, perhaps because its warm.

Do any of your cats have weird habits?
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These are not weird habits. Your cats are quite normal.
Miki enjoys sleeping with you timid or not.
You may have to close that laptop when you are out of the house. If it breaks it will not be Tyran's fault but yours.
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I agree-normal.

Mine have all sorts of habits... Emma likes to purr and purr and purr and dig at your face, nestle under the covers with you, lick your face and stick her mouth inside your mouth in the mornings. It's a real lovefest. In the summer, it's 4am on the dot, and in the winter 6-6:30am. When you're in the shower is her favorite time to ask to be held, and when you're on the toilet is her favorite time to nap in your lap. When she's just woken up, she stumbles over to me and sleepily stretches against my legs, and then has a good, thorough scratch against my jeans.

Chili LOVES crawling between my legs when I'm sitting on my knees on the floor. She'll happily fall asleep there, with her head tucked between my ankles. She likes chewing on me, especially when I've applied sunscreen. It's like having a teething puppy--but she knows when enough is enough. She crawls in my clothing during the winter, and when I'm sitting in my computer chair bundled up in a sleeping bag (the heating in here's busted) she hops down to the floor in the bag and cuddles with my feet.

Tom hates sleeping in high places. I just think this is an odd idiosyncrasy for a cat. He likes grabbing my hand with both paws so he can cuddle it. He'll sit in your lap, but only if you're perfectly still. He likes cuddling up to your leg a lot more. He also enjoys sleeping on my pillows and walking through them. I've caught him scaling the piles of my throw-pillows with glee before.

Okay, well, I rambled on enough.. hehe
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