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Sisters Grandparents-venting.

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Well my sister flew in from California on Thursday (and i havent been able to see her yet). She leaves this coming Thursday, she brought her two sons who are 2 and 4 with her. She wasnt planning on coming up this year, because its so hard with the kids. But she reason did was because her grandpa and grandma, (shes my half sister, same dad) called her up two weeks ago. They were acting like her grandpa was really sick and dying. And they were hinting at her coming here with the kids. So that day she got tickets for 2 weeks inadvance. Can you just imagine how much those tickets cost? And she had to take off work, (shes a shrink)...
Well so I went to see my other relatives the other day, and my grandpa on my dads side said that he saw her grandpa at the bakery. (my grandpa and his friends go to the bakery every day except for holidays at two) Her grandpa came up to him and was bragging that my sister was coming up from California to see him. Well my grandpa just walked away from him. But from the report from my grandpa her grandpa is in perfect health and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. And is definitly not on death's door...
Well then I talked to my aunt that same day. She said that her friend takes care of him and his wife in assisted living care. And she said that hes as healthy as ever, and is nowhere near dying....
So that brings me to the conclusion that he lied to my sister about being sick and dying just so she would fly over here soon with the kids.. So basically that was just a waste of money for those tickets dont you think?
I mean I really thinks this is what they did. Because the last time Rachel (my sister) came up with the oldest son (the youngest wasnt born yet) was 3 years ago. She came up because my dad had to have surgery for cancer. That had spread all over his body, and she wanted to come up to say goodbye tohim. Because most of the doctors thought he wasnt going to makeit... So i think that her grandparents got the idea to do this whole sceem because of that. Figuring that if it worked for my dad it would work for him... Jeez
Then you may think, how could two elderly people do this? Well they have done stuff like this before. When my siter Nicole came up from California, she was spending time with us, and she was supposed to the next day also. But then her grandma got these "heart pains" and Nicole had to take her to the ER. But they discharged her because there was nothing wrong with her. So she faked heart pains so Nicole couldnt spend time with us... And thats not the first time shes done that. Everytime she comes up she does that a couple times... (sometimes with different "symptoms")
And in the town they live in (thegrandparents) they are known fo rbeiung crazy, completly looney. And mean....
So thats my vent, what do you think of all of this?
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You know, one one hand I can understand how and why they would do this. They are probably lonely and wanted a chance to meet their latest great grand child. That doesn't excuse the underhanded way they did this, but I am sure they just really wanted to see her and couldn't make the trip themselves.
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I agree... it's not ideal behavior, but it's understandable. I think it's so sad that a lot of families go for years without seeing each other.

I'm sorry they resorted to deception, though, and I understand your frustration.
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Yes I agree also that the grandparents are very lonely and would do anything to see family. I feel bad for your sister tho, it's she who had to make the trip with two kids and that couldn't have been easy. I just hope they all have a nice visit and not do this deception again. Hope you get to see you half sister and the kids also.
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Sounds like there's good reason that they don't get a lot of visits from their relatives. Being lonely old people doesn't excuse that kind of behaviour. I think your sis could straighten them out a bit, seeing as she's a shrink!
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