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Bengal Laser Tag

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I posted another video on You Tube of the kittens and Gypsy playing with the laser and at the end is a "play fight".

System requirements:

Patience (it's 8 minutes long)

Bengal Laser Tag

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That was great. They are such happy, healthy looking cats and they certainly aren't lacking energy.
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i love it!

I'll watch it again when i get home so i can hear it.

Have you put a tune to it again Nial?.
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Thats awesome, I like the music as well
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can't wait to get to school so i can see it [my dial-up's waaaaaay to slow for video ]
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That was sooo cute!! They are all just little bundles of energy ...... I loved the 'fight' at the end. I remember when mine did that and still do sometimes.
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The fight at the end is awesome! I love the tail swishing in preparation, then the poor unsuspecting kitten walks through the middle of the "bout" and gets chased off

So cute
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That's so adorable!
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This one is great! They're so adorable (and filled with energy as expected) The youngsters are such small cute cats now. They'll absolutely be stunning when they grow up.
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And this is the crew you will be showing? Oh boy will you have your hands full!!
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lol I love your kitties. They are always fun to watch!
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Great video Your kittens are wonderful
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great video
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That was hilarious...who is the one beating up everyone?
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
That was hilarious...who is the one beating up everyone?

That's Jasper. I think he got annoyed with all of them chasing the little red light. He's slow going after the light and they run over him alot. Guess he got sick of
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I like watching kitten fights. I love how they get all puffed up and tough looking: Rawr!

I love the way they come skittering toward the camera - and in a way, they way that they bomb after the dot reminds me of the way that ferrets run.

Nial, I'm DEFINITELY going to need to be seeing spots at some point.
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I've just listened to it with the sound. Nial you pick great music to your videos!
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aww that was just fantastic to watch, those little 'uns are full of beans and what great exercise for them, great fun too and I get to see baby Bengals too

Brill, just brill
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Cool, now I have to go get the laser pen out for my guys
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OMG! I wanna PLAAAAYYYY!!! They are SO adorable Nial! Ares loves the lazer too. I swear you can't tire that boy out! *goes off to find lazer toy*
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