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Some Advice Please

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Hi Guys

Humphrey is an all black half siamese 18 month old cat.

Just recently i have noticed in his ears that the skin is changing colour from white to brown, also he has always had some baldeness around his eyes leading up to his ears and this is also turning colour, almost looks like a pigment problem.

Im not sure if this is normal or not and the little sod wont let me take any pics of it to post here!!!!!!! hee hee lol

Is this normal or should I be worried



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Not sure about the skin changing colour, hopefully someone else will be able to help with that - but the patch of sparse fur going back from the eyes to the ears is completely normal so don't worry at all about that part of your query

Does Humphrey go outdoors? It's been blazing hot here in London the last week, and I wondered if it was possible that he could have a touch of sunburn? Although we usually think of light haired cats being more at risk, the areas you mention having seen this colour change are those areas that are most likely to be affected by sunburn.
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Yeah he goes outside, always has done. However, I first noticed this "problem" about a month ago. Its a brown colour creeping up slowly over the last few weeks. Its really weird and maybe completely normal, it looks like its going to creep all the way up!

I will try and get a pic done if I can get hold of him and he lets me do it!

Thx claire
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Any other ideas guys??????

Still no luck in getting that pic! LOL


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You say he's a siamese?
Siamese tend to darken with age and especially if they're in cooler temperatures. Did you recently get an AC, maybe? Has the change been drastic or more gradual? I don't see anything in my "bible" regarding anything like you describe. Is it only affecting his skin, or hair color?
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How is he today?
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He is half siamese, no I dont have A/C.

He is fine as he has always been but it is just weird! Its a dark brown colour seeping upwards. It is only on his face area ie. by the eyes and ears and it loks like it is going to cover the whole area. I tried researching on the internet but to no avail. It does not cause him any probs at all. The nearest I can explain is it looks like a massive liver spot covering his face area but thats the nearest I can get to explaning!


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