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Sick kittens

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This guy was giving away kittens ( I know thats NEVER a good thing) However I had to take the two kittens. They are 6 weeks and 9 weeks old. They have clear but runny eyes. I know they need to go to the vet however my vet can not see them until Tuesday!!! I have had them for only 3 hours and one drank some KMR. Is there anything I can do to help besides keep the eyes clean untill Friday?
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Runny eyes? Are they sticking shut some? If so, they might have a case of herpes or some sort of infection. Something you could try would be to use some triple antibiotic ointment(but ONLY the kind safe to put in eyes, mind you! You have to look for that!), but then again I don't know exactly what's up with their eye condition. I'd wait for the vet--just make sure they don't seal shut, and if they do, wipe it off with a gentle, warm cloth to open them back up to make sure there's no buildup of fluid. That can damage the eyes.

Other than that, don't know what to tell ya.
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untill you can get to a vet , gently take a cotton ball and soake it in some cooled boiled water and gently wipe the eye , but never use the same bit twice, you will just spread the infection.
please dont use any eye ointment that a vet hasnt given to you , you could do more harm then good , especially with very small kittens.
please do update us with how they get on at the vets.
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cats that have colds can get runny eyes or eye infections. its usually not a big problem. Just try to keep them clean. i have found it very helpful with persistently runny eyes to squirt cool saline solution in them. Although it can be tricky!!! I can remember the first time i tried this. I had the baby wrapped in a towel to keep it still and held that bottle up there and squirted it quickly. it looked at me with one eyes shut and saline dripping down its face with the nastiest look!!!! But after a few days of cleaning it like this the problem cleared up completely.
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